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Comment: Core competencies.... (Score 1) 132

by A. Lynch (#27356531) Attached to: NVIDIA Countersues Intel Over License Conflict

Can't everyone just get back to what they're best at: making truckloads of cash?

I mean, Intel beat AMD in the desktop micro space, and NVIDIA beat ATI in the desktop GPU market. The two losers even had to join forces to stay afloat.

Seems to me that everyone would be happier if they just played nice, and counted their money.


+ - Top 10 most beautiful cellphones 2007->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The team behind the original list of the world's Top 10 most beautiful phones are back with an updated list. All new phones. About time — great list, even though I would like another grand prize winner..."
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+ - Critical Security Bug in FireFox-> 1

Submitted by
Gypsy2012 writes "This article from CNet says "A "highly critical" security flaw has been discovered in Firefox, which could allow a malicious attacker to gain remote control of a user's system, according to an advisory issued by Secunia." Looks like it's a good idea to make sure the 'firefox://' URI handler is not registered on your system."
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+ - Mozilla Delays Firefox 3.0 Beta

Submitted by dsinc
dsinc (319470) writes "According to PCWorld, "Firefox 3.0's first beta has been delayed at least six weeks, Mozilla Corp. engineers said Sunday, and it now won't appear until the middle of September." Not many details are known at this point, but what Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla's vice president of engineering says ("Talos is showing a ~18 percent increase in [memory] footprint and informal dogfooding confirms things are currently worse on the trunk") should be sufficient reason to get out of the Holding-your-breath department.,134282-c,mozilla /article.html"

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