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Comment Accents? (Score 1) 164

All of the voice recognition algorithms I've ever tried are terrible at recognizing anything said with an accent other than the one it was programmed to recognize. I have a Brazilian accent AND a speech impediment. I have never been able to use any voice recognition system in any language.

Comment Re:Projector (Score 1) 330

My apartment is in an old (1870's) brownstone townhouse. In no way designed with a projector and surround sound system in mind. And I didn't have to hang it from the ceiling either. Just built a wall shelf, and put the projector among some books, decorations, flower pots, etc. Inexpensive, and doesn't look out of place.

Comment My cheap alternative (Score 2) 295

I sometimes need to destroy hard drives at work. I do it right in front of the user so they know their old data isn't going anywhere. I open the computer, pull out the drive, open the drive, get a screw driver under the disk plate and use it as a lever. The plates will either bend or shatter depending on material.

Comment Real Estate (Score 1) 383

I still miss the Real Estate function in Google Maps. When I was looking for a new place to live some years ago, it really helped me out. But now that I'm considering moving again, I have to search a dozen different sites from different brokers in order to find something in my area.

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