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Comment I'm pretty sure it's more than software engineers (Score 1) 473

... to blame for this. The software only lied about compliance, it still required that the hardware was non-compliant. Not that I'm saying lying about it is acceptable, but there's no possible way I can see that the people who built the non-compliant hardware can be any less responsible.

Comment Re:Easy to do when backed by the PRC (Score -1) 203

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

China is getting rid of the foreign reserves at some speed after it decoupled itself from the USD a month and a half ago as I mentioned more than once here. China is now on the path of rejecting the inflation that is imposed by the USA Federal reserve, Treasury (should be called Debtory instead, it has no treasure, only debt) and the rest of the USA government.

Chinese economy is the strongest economy in the world today, manufacturing and producing enough to satisfy the global demand and with this decoupling from the crippled US dollar, the Chinese Yuan will be going up as the USD bubble will burst.

Chinese are doing the correct thing by getting rid of the USD and US bond 'reserves' (worthless paper IOUs, the both of them). China also is underhandedly growing its gold reserves, not as much as they should, but they are growing them at least.

USD bubble is coming to an end, Chinese see it better from far away apparently than the Americans right in the middle of it.

Comment Would that be allowed by the rules as written? (Score 1) 143

Assuming no changes were made to the FCC's rules, and if a router manufacturer were to do this.... that is, they lock down the radio portion of their router so it can't possibly be modified by the end user, but still leave the firmware of their router otherwise ordinarily modifiable as it is currently, would the manufacturer still be in violation of the current rule proposal?

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 153

If the thing has any smarts, it would only report sustained periods over the speed limit, perhaps by reporting whether an average speed over an interval has been excessive, where the duration of the allowed interval is a function of how far over the speed limit one actually drives. If you drive 5mph over the speed limit, the duration may be something like 5 minutes, while if you drive 25 mph over the speed limit, the duration may be something like only 15 seconds. And of course, it should report just how fast the car is actually going, not just simply that the speed limit was exceeded, so the parent can use their own discretion at determining if their kid only needs to be perhaps firmly reminded to pay more attention to how fast they are going in the future, or reprimanded or even having their driving privileges revoked for driving like a maniac.

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 1) 67

What is right wing about filing a lawsuit to unmask a doe, suing that person, then settling for a much smaller amount. It seems this is used by many different trolls, and likely doesn't have any political ideology behind it. It is sleazy though. Filing a lawsuit with the intention of settling just to get a payout is wrong. It is short circuiting the justice system for personal profit.

Yeah that's neither right nor left, it's the universal language of greedy bloodsuckers.

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 3, Interesting) 67

What is right wing about that process? The Democrats support the movie industry, not the Republicans.

The fact that Democrats support something doesn't negate the possibility of something being right wing. The Democrats are not ideologically pure, or ideologically homogenous, and very few of them can be considered "left".

To me, pretending that copyright is only about property rights, and ignoring the fact that copyright was also supposed to be about free speech and about making material available for free to the public after a limited time, is definitely "right wing".

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