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by mark-t (#47557611) Attached to: Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM

Because they are only giving it away for free for a limited time.... it's a promotion for the software... they aren't actually making the software freely available in general.

The alternative would require that they prepare a special version of the software that doesn't come with the DRM solely for the promotional period... which because of how short it is, it probably wouldn't be worthwhile.

Not that I agree with bundling this software with their game... I remember having it on my system once with some EA software and it caused me a lot of grief (affected my DVD drive in unexpected ways). I haven't installed anything from EA on my computers since, and I doubt I ever will.

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by mark-t (#47557567) Attached to: Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM
I think his point may be, perhaps, that he routinely sweeps his system to make sure infections don't occur, and can currently account for the source of every piece of software using resources on his system. The other poster was, after all, making the claim that if you have windows, then you have malware on your system... so asking him what that malware might be if one is confident that there is none is a perfectly fair question.

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I agree with everything you've said above, but would like address your last question, which you may have intended to be rhetorical, but actually has a less obvious answer.

. Why add copy protection to free stuff anyway?

It's ordinarily a valid question, and honestly the very first thing I thought of as well, but the most obvious reason in this case is because this game isn't really free. It's being given away for free, and only for a limited time. When the promotion ends, people will have to pay for it again.

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by mark-t (#47557201) Attached to: Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM

It's interesting to note that no other letter in the common pronunciation key rhymes with "zed", while "B", "C", "D", "E", "G", "P", "T", and "V" all rhyme with "zee".

"Z" (zed) has a half-rhyme (or vowel rhyme) with "M", which when recited using iambic heptameter, with a missed soft beat at the beginning so the letter A has the first heavy beat on it, and when pronouncing "W", no beat is allocated on the schwa in the middle, this half rhyme becomes evident, and may reminds one slightly of old english rhyming styles.

Of course, in actuality, there is no real need for how one pronounces "Z" to rhyme with anything. Take the "Ring around the rosie" poem, for example... the final word in its first verse, "down", doesn't rhyme with any previous word. Rhyming may sometimes be an aid to memorization for small children, but it's clearly by no means essential.

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by pla (#47556857) Attached to: London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites
But the article makes it clear that "Neither the police or Project Sunblock are paying the website in question to display the police message". They're just suppressing the banner display, and displaying a police message instead.

Yep, I made a mistake. I presumed that the police would know better than to enter into a conspiracy to commit outright theft of service and libel in their efforts to appease the recording industry. One crime doesn't justify another. Mea culpa.

Except, in your zeal to find something in my post to go all "princess of vitriol" over, you seem to have failed to notice my key point - No one visiting piracy sites mistakes them for legit. Would you care to respond to that, or would you prefer to latch on to a typo somewhere in this post?

Pathetic is deciding you know how the system works without R'ing TFA

"The system" has rules we can know a priori. The police can't just choose to ignore them out of expediency. "Pathetic is" accepting criminal behavior just because it carries a thin veneer of official approval.

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by pla (#47556705) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D
This should serve as a cautionary tail of what can happen when you go into business with friends and or relatives. As soon as big money starts being made...unfortunately the greedy side of human nature tends to rear it's ugly head.

The arrangement made sense right up until TSR actually started making real money. When you and your friends bust your asses to build a business, and have no substantial income or assets to fight over, running it as a labor-of-love makes perfect sense. But once they started bulk-hiring new staff and pulled off 5000% growth over five years - Why the hell didn't they hire a competent CFO???

No one in the inner circle had a clue about how to run a business, because they all wanted control to remain in the hands of gamers - Hey, cool, most of us can appreciate that concept. But they could have avoided all the acrimony and eventually selling out to Wizards-of-the-CCG simply by bringing in someone with a clue in a non-shareholding executive capacity.

Sad, really.

Comment: Might fine police work there, Lou! (Score 2, Interesting) 112

by pla (#47556475) Attached to: London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites
Police said the ads would make it harder for piracy site owners to make their pages look authentic

No one confuses Rapidshare for BMG's official site. People go there specifically to download pirated content, full stop. Seeing police ads might scare a few people with the paranoia of thinking "the man" has caught them, but the other 99% of visitors will just thank the police for subsidizing their favorite warez sites.

Truly pathetic, Boys in Blue (Hmm, do Bobbies wear blue?)

The move comes as part of a continuing effort to stop piracy sites from earning money through advertising.

By... Um... Buying banner ads on piracy sites? BRILLIANT!

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by pla (#47556089) Attached to: UK Team Claims Breakthrough In Universal Cancer Test
Don't do it! Everyone will be diagnosed.

Bizarre trolling aside, You have the right idea - Virtually everyone over the age of 50 has dozens of "cancerous" cell clusters scattered around their bodies, all more-or-less harmless unless juuust the right combination of environmental conditions triggers a few to start growing (and spreading) uncontrollably.

I find it easy to believe that a universal test for "cancer" would have a near-perfect success rate, because nearly everyone has it, to some degree. I find the negative side much harder to believe, because it means differentiating between cancer-but-harmless and cancer-gonna-kill-you.

Or looked at another way, consider recent changes in attitude regarding breast and prostate cancers. 20 years ago, detecting either meant immediately scheduling a radical mastectomy/prostatectomy. Today, unless you have a family history of aggressive cancers, your oncologist will likely suggest watching and waiting for at least a few months to see if it actually does anything more that sit there harmlessly. Yet, even if it does - still cancer. Much like we don't universally vaccinate people against TB because it makes TB antibody tests diagnostically useless, I see this test as having the same issue, accurate but useless.

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Ha ha, as I said, once you redefine the words you can claim all sorts of nonsense.

1927, New Century Dictionary
Inflation: "The act of inflating, or the state of being inflated, specifically expansion or increase of the currency of a country by the issuing of paper money especially paper money not redeemable in specie or that is insufficiently secured by precious metal."

Not even a mention of prices.

Deflation is defined as the opposite of inflation.

Of-course the earlier in the dictionary world you go the more correct the definition, and the closer to the present, the more propaganda and nonsense is added to the definition, inserting the level of prices into definition of expansion and contraction of money supply. Prices do not inflate or deflate of-course, only total supply of money inflates and deflates. Inflation and deflation are changes in the measurement units, not changes in the economic output. Once you redefine the meanings of the words you lose all meaning altogether.

Once you ask the wrong question it doesn't matter what the answer is.

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Of-course I completely forgot to mention all of the service prices that are rising, from accounting, to lawyers, to court fees, to mailing, to education, to car repair, etc.

Did I forget to mention coffee and coffee shops?

Obviously water

They will talk about drought and bandits and weather and climate and every single excuse under the Sun except for the actual real cause of this nonsense: inflation.

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You are not buying stuff at the same price as 6 years ago, maybe you should actually pay attention to the receipts.

beef, pork, avocado, fruits, veggies, almonds, pinenuts, walnuts, mozarella, cheddar, other cheeses, seafood, grains, soy, soy, palm oil, milk, gasoline, beer and more beer, limes, canadian bacon, barley, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants,electrical energy, car rentals, hotel rooms, cab fairs,

air travel and air travel gets more expensive in many other ways, various extra fees, less room, more seats on planes

aluminium, nickel, zinc, steel, natural gas

I can do this all day, I just don't want to waste that much time on you.

See, maybe you are not doing your own shopping, that's possible, if you can afford a butler then maybe you don't need to worry about prices and you never notice what others do. In the real world the prices are going up.

It is not only local USA prices that are going up of-course, globally prices are going up, assets and goods being bid up by ever increasing money supply, which the globe prints in response to the printed US dollar.

I wonder what it's like to live in such a thick bubble.

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Your claim about the number and frequency of rocket attacks is essentially false. There has been a steady stream of rocket attacks this year, as there are most years.

Does that link include asterisks next to the all the provably false-flag "rocket attacks"? Y'know, like today'd "hospital" attack that used munitions far more powerful and accurate than anything Hamas has, which the UN categorically denied as coming from a UN-controlled hospital, and in response to which Israel announced an immediate escalation of hostilities?

Tough to pick the more evil side in this one, but shit like that makes it a lot easier.

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