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Comment: Re:Does anyone with a clue actually *use* this stu (Score 4, Funny) 39

by A Big Gnu Thrush (#41601547) Attached to: VMware: Hey, Other Cloud Services Exist

It's just a fad. Buying hardware, putting a Linux distro in the CD drive, installing, configuring, driving hardware down to hosting center, installing hardware in a cage, testing, driving home, and then repeated all this when something goes wrong or needs upgrading is much more efficient. Nothing will even compete with a Linux server in a corner / basement / under a desk.

Comment: Re:Why HTML5 apps suck on mobile (Score 2) 143

People said the same thing 10 years ago about web applications. The market for native Mac and PC applications is disappearing. You could do Facebook as a client-server application. There's a reason they didn't. You could do Facebook mobile app as a native iOS app. There's a reason they didn't.

Comment: Re:Of course, it's RIM (Score 3, Informative) 165

by A Big Gnu Thrush (#35323862) Attached to: RIM Does Not Want PlayBook Devs, Complains One Potential Developer

I did BlackBerry development for years, and RIM was always difficult to deal with. Simple stuff like having to fill out the same web form every time I wanted to download something, even though I was logged in. Android and iOS have better tools, better support, better experience for the developer.


Infinite Mario With Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment 103

Posted by Soulskill
from the there's-always-another-castle dept.
bgweber writes "There's been a lot of discussion about whether games should adapt to the skills of players. However, most current techniques limit adaptation to parameter adjustment. But if the parameter adaptation is applied to procedural content generation, then new levels can be generated on-line in response to a player's skill. In this adaptation of Infinite Mario (with source [.JAR]), new levels are generated based on the performance of the player. What other gameplay mechanics are open for adaptation when games adapt to the skills of specific players?"

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