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Submission + - Mac App Store, Success or Not? (

99BottlesOfBeerInMyF writes: The SFGate reports that the top ranking third party application in the new Mac App Store this month was Pixelmator, a $30 photo editing application that made their first $1,000,000 of sales in 20 days. That averages out to $50,000 a day. I wondered how this compared to the iPhone App Store in terms of potential income for application developers. Looking at historical data from two years ago, we see Bejeweled 2 was a top ranked app in the iPhone Apps store, which sold about 100,000 copies at $3 a piece in a similar amount of time for sales of approximately $300,000; or $15,000 a day.

I guess my take on this is that as an opportunity for profit generation, it looks like there is room for small players to become breakaway successes and earn similar amounts of profit on the Mac App Store as they have on the iPhone App Store. I'm sure some pundit will eventually perform a careful and statistical analysis of revenue/profit generation but, there does seem to be a new source of potential for profit for smaller developers looking to break into the market.

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