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Comment: Re:Just looked her up (Score 1) 355

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49366901) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

Except she's not speaking to her area of expertise. Her opinion on what the target should be for limiting temperature rise is not any more relevant than, say, an electrical engineer's or a chemist's.

If the UN wants to issue authoritative statements about the science, they should have an actual climate scientist in charge.

Comment: Sorta sad, in a way (Score 1) 191

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49362329) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

My wife and I bought our first television (way back in the pre-HD, pre-flatscreen days) from our local Future Shop - back when they were still in the U.S. Big 27" screen... darn thing weighed close to 100 pounds. Even when I was young, that thing was a bear to move single handed.

Wait - why are memories of that horrible old beast of a television making me feel nostalgic?

Comment: Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 284

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49359835) Attached to: Iowa's Governor Terry Branstad Thinks He Doesn't Use E-mail

If I were a betting man I would think Ted Cruz will be our next president. The tea party is very energized and filled with so much anti Obama emotion that a right wing leader will be pushed.

Which is exactly why Ted Cruz will not be the next president.

The current GOP is making the exact same mistakes the Democrats made repeatedly in the late 60s and early 70s (and then again in the 80s). They are too beholden to a very vocal minority that is simply too far removed ideologically from the bulk of Americans. After their candidates have completely bent over to placate the extremists in order to win the nomination, even the most skilled spin doctors can't repaint them as close enough to the center to actually win.

Sure, the GOP can ride this strategy to grab House and Senate seats, but - like the Dems - they can't acquire the Big Chair without largely ignoring the extremists and moving towards the center.

Comment: Re:A Bit Fishy (Score 5, Insightful) 375

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49355893) Attached to: Modern Cockpits: Harder To Invade But Easier To Lock Up

Also, look at United 93. In some cases, it is preferable to have a plane crash into the terrain at high speed instead of having a hijacker control it into an office building.

Or with US Airways Flight 1549 (which was an Airbus A320-200) it was preferable to plop it into a river.

Sully and the flight crew made a judgment call that they weren't going to reach any of the possible landing fields, so they turned the plane around and dropped it into the Hudson. It's unlikely the Airbus computers thought that was an appropriate action...

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