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Comment: Re:Or, from another perspective ... (Score 4, Insightful) 115

I find it funny to recall that, only a few years ago, it was iTunes that was the enemy according to the big labels - and they did everything they could to undermine Apple's influence.

They figured out how to monetize that... and I'm sure they'll figure out how to turn Spotify into a profit generator as well.

Comment: Re:Running only Windows on a Mac (Score 2) 207

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49312081) Attached to: For Boot Camp Users, New Macs Require Windows 8 Or Newer

I've used the Surface Pro keyboard covers, both cheap and expensive. It's amazing that anyone who's actually used one would tout that piece of crap as a feature. It's horrible!

And seriously - who wants to lug around a two pound tablet? if you want a Windows laptop, just get one of those Yoga things.

Comment: "Better Licensing"? (Score 1) 319

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49295615) Attached to: Why I Choose PostgreSQL Over MySQL/MariaDB

Come on - who really cares about MIT versus GPL licensing in this context? And by "who" I mean "people who manage and use databases as part of their paid job"?

And why does anyone care what someone writing for Dice says on this topic? I read the article, and it doesn't sound like the author has even used any of the features he's decided favor postgres.

What's next - a Dice article on emacs vs. vi?

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." -- Bertrand Russell, _Sceptical_Essays_, 1928