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Comment: Re:Exactly. (Score 1) 222

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49819307) Attached to: Netflix Is Experimenting With Advertising

No, you are incorrect.

Back in the 80s my favorite channel was American Movie Classics (AMC to you young'uns). Back then all they did was show Classic movies, ad-free. The host, Bob Dorian, would usually lead in with some interesting behind-the-scenes story about the making of the movie, its stars, or sometimes about the time period when the film was made. They would sometimes have an intermission halfway through, where they might give you the schedule for when a particular movie was going to play during the week... or maybe they'd mention how it was Gary Cooper week and list all the movies they'd be showing. I suppose you could call those house ads - but that was the extent of their "advertising".

I still have several boxes containing VHS tapes that, at one time, contained ad-free movies I'd taped off of AMC.

Man, I loved that channel.

Comment: Re:Forward emails and calls until fixed? (Score 4, Insightful) 476

In order to keep America safe, does anyone know where I can send my emails and phone records to until this whole misunderstanding is resolved? I'd hate for a terrorist to get me because my information was private.

Don't worry - they're almost certainly still doing it. They just won't be bothering with any FISA rubber stamps or procedural filings.

I mean, come on. They obviously weren't concerned even with the Constitution up to this point in time; why would they start worrying about more ephemeral congressional votes now?

Comment: Re:Sure (Score 1) 167

You should actually read the articles, because the issue at hand is somewhat more complicated.

I wish I still had mod points today, because while I find what Prince is doing to be disagreeable and slimy... you're absolutely right.

Now, regarding his high-end clientele - it's funny how often it's demonstrated that "a fool and his money are soon parted". Wealth is so obviously not a proxy measure of intelligence.

Comment: Re:$15/month for one channel? (Score 2) 39

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49803233) Attached to: Android, Chromecast To Get HBO Now

Two genuine questions here. First, if a disproportionate reason why a person has cable at all is for HBO, then $15/month is less than what they're paying for HBO + everything else, so it may well be worth it. How many users fit this particular category?

Admittedly that is a very good question. I would not think it's a large number, but then I am not in that group so of course I assume most people are like me rather than "them"! That's been proven demonstrably wrong on many occasions in the past, though...

Second, how much of HBO's back catalog is included? ...

I think most of it is, actually - but you incidentally hit on a different point. HBO GO (a different product than HBO NOW, which is what was being discussed here) also has the same access to the entire HBO back catalog - and anyone that has HBO (including people like me that get HBO basically for free) still get access to HBO GO! It'll be interesting to see how they differentiate the products in the future.

Comment: $15/month for one channel? (Score 4, Insightful) 39

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49802733) Attached to: Android, Chromecast To Get HBO Now

Sure, it's HBO, and sure they have some stellar in-house programming; but it's one channel. People who are dumping their $60/month (and up!) cable TV plans aren't likely to pay $15 for one channel. Heck, Netflix is under $10. Even the old baboons that run Hulu don't try to charge that much for Plus...

If you're on Comcast's lowest tier TV-included package - "Internet Plus" - HBO is a free add-on. Right now we're paying ~ $70/month total for internet plus Cable TV (The TV channels include HD and are basically a throw-in, it's how Comcast tries to hide how many of its customers don't want cable TV anymore). I can't imagine paying $15 for any single channel.

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