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Comment: Re:Lying Headlines (Score 4, Funny) 290

by 93 Escort Wagon (#48909391) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

This reminds me of a scene from an old Andy Griffith Show episode that, for no good reason, has been relegated to long-term storage in my brain.

Andy and Barney are checking into a hotel somewhere for a cop convention. The receptionist says "Thank you Mr. Taylor. Thank you, Mr. Fife... oh, excuse me, DOCTOR Fife!"

Andy incredulously looks at the sign-in book and notes that Barney has appended an "M.D." to his name - after which Barney sheepishly explains it stands for "Mayberry Deputy".

(okay, in all likelihood I'm the only person here who thinks that's funny...)

Comment: They took more than email (Score 1) 185

by 93 Escort Wagon (#48902753) Attached to: Google Handed To FBI 3 Wikileaks Staffers' Emails, Digital Data

The subjects of the warrants were the investigations editor of WikiLeaks, the British citizen Sarah Harrison; the spokesperson for the organisation, Kristinn Hrafnsson; and Joseph Farrell, one of its senior editors

It's obvious they also stole some vowels from the poor spokesperson.

Comment: Unanswered question (Score 1) 209

by 93 Escort Wagon (#48871251) Attached to: Tracking Down How Many (Or How Few) People Actively Use Google+

Analytics and visualization blogger Kevin Anderson studied data compiled by Edward Morbius, who says that just 9% of Google+'s 2.2 billion users actively post public content.

And of that "just 9%"... how much was activity on other Google properties where you have to jump through hoops NOT to have it cross-posted to Google+?

I know they mentioned YouTube comments, but this was also an issue with YouTube videos. If you posted one on your channel, you had to take steps for it not to be crossposted to your Google+ page. And, of course, most people who post on YouTube were semi-forced to create a Google+ page simply to remove some artificial constraints Google added with the goal of attempting to force Google+ adoption.

Comment: Re:Completely believable! (Score 3, Funny) 98

And Thor and the Asian woman race around the world fighting the bad guys. Literally fighting. Thor kicks physical ass.

Well, yeah. What did you expect? I can't speak for you, but that certainly describes my job pretty well - and I'm just a web developer.

I remember my first day at work. They showed me my office, then they said "here is your hot Asian girlfriend". I explained I was married, but it seemed to be a requirement.

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