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by 93 Escort Wagon (#47585819) Attached to: Why TiVo's Founders Crashed and Burned With Qplay

No argument there. I was simply pointing out that it was possible. I used to regularly schedule recordings on my VCR, back in the old days... but yeah, it was a royal pain compared to Tivo.

On a side note - I recently was handed a project to "digitize" a VHS video one of our faculty uncovered. As I was doing the whole FF + RW thing (to retension the tape), the tape broke. Fortunately it broke near one of the non-tape sections that attach to the spools, so nothing significant was lost... but taking that thing apart, mending the tape, then hoping and praying it would stay together reminded me just how much I hated messing with those old things. Not to mention how annoyingly difficult a simple task like accurately scrubbing to a particular spot was!

And repairing cassettes was even worse - something I have done on more than one occasion!

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I'm not sure why you're conflating your understandable disgust over the current state of copyright litigation in the US with issues related to code integrity. There's not exactly a lot of common ground there.

Now if you had mentioned DHS' cozy relationship with the NSA - an organization that most of us expect is actively subverting both code and the standards we rely on - that would make more sense.

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Nice rant about hipsters, but do you have any actual arguments against what Greenpeace is saying?

Given he felt he had to invoke the same angry and vague rant five slightly different ways - and even numbered them for some bizarre reason - it's obvious he does not.

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So you have no idea if it's true, and you haven't bothered to check - or you just made it up and figured you'd throw it out there anonymously because hey, this is Slashdot and there are always at least a few guys of most any political bent willing to run with absurd stories.

Don't be lazy - if you have evidence, at least post a link so people can discuss it.

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