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Comment Re:the lard of hosts for fat ads (Score 1) 297

The problem with using your hosts file is it sometimes breaks pages you actually want to get to. I run into occasional issues with some stuff on, for instance.

It also seems to dramatically slow down a small handful of sites - I'm not sure why.

Comment Ignore the "humans almost went extinct" bit (Score 4, Informative) 53

That's not from the Nature letter; apparently that's some off-the-wall addition from the submitter.

Since the submitter hasn't figured this out... This was a localized mega-tsunami. An enormous volcanic-induced landslide caused a huge wave to hit a nearby island. Just like other mega-tsunamis that are known to have occurred in Hawaii and Alaska. The scientists aren't talking about some global catastrophe - it would've sucked to be on that other nearby island, though.

Comment Re:My first review of Julia Cordray (Score 1) 447

My first review of Julia Cordray on Peeple:

"Peeple co-founder Julia Cordray is a greedy bitch who sees noting wrong with a platform that allows reliable, anonymous character assassination. I have it on good authority that she also has sex with dogs while smoking crack and watching kiddie porn."

In all seriousness, I expect the reason Julia Cordray is creating Peeple is probably so she has an avenue to complain about one or more ex-boyfriends (or husbands). There's almost certainly a specific personal motive - she wants to ruin someone's life.

Comment Re:Timing (Score 1) 46

My dad died of ALS. He was on a ventilator and fed through an NG tube for quite a few years. Having watched how his disease and life progressed, I know I would not choose that for myself... unless there was legitimate, promising research expected to generate a cure in the very near future.

Comment Re:I always love hearing about city-based services (Score 2) 145

That's why you don't live in a small city. You thought the reduced cost of living was free? It comes at the expense of reduced quality of life.

I expect your definition of "reduced quality of life" is much different than the parent poster's.

Now you're a professional jack of all trades(the inane shit people used to waste their free time on before Silicon Valley startups allowed people to outsource their domestic distractions boggles the mind). Enjoy doing your own laundry, driving to the grocery store, and fixing your own toilet.

As opposed to, what, your parents' doing it? Most adults - even in the "big city" - mostly do this stuff for themselves. You might be surprised how easy it is to repair a toilet, and it won't cost you $200 to do so.

And it might surprise you to know that plumbers and dry cleaners existed long before Silicon Valley was a thing.

Comment My dad had ALS (Score 2) 26

This was 20+ years ago... he communicated using a chin-driven switch hooked up to a computer. I'm guessing he could do maybe 12-15 words per minute with the predictive software available at the time. HOWEVER getting the mechanical switch set up just right so he could use it was often a time-consuming chore, since he didn't have very much range of motion (or strength, for that matter) in his jaw.

This sort of thing would be a Godsend to people like him, where their minds continue to work but their bodies don't.

Of course, the elephant in the room is whether it makes sense to spend so many healthcare dollars on someone with an incurable, fatal disease. People with ALS get to the point where they need round-the-clock nursing care, a ventilator to help them breathe and an NG tube to feed them. on the other hand, no one blinks an eye at the annual drug costs for, say, AIDS patients; while the costs for ALS care are largely related to salaries of their caregivers.

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