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Comment: Re:You no longer own a car (Score 2) 439

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49515053) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars

Older cars have more trouble than newer ones. There are exemptions for cars old enough to be classics, but it is effective at weeding out those in the 15-20 year old range.

My 1993 Ford Escort Wagon (yes, I still own it) has absolutely no trouble passing State of Washington emissions laws. It's not even close to the limits.

My vehicle currently gets roughly 35 mpg highway and 30 mpg city. I know it's simplistic to use gas mileage as a proxy for gasoline conversion efficiency, but - it is not obvious to me that there's been significant improvement in gas engines over the past 20 or 30 years. I don't see a lot of similarly-sized new cars that do better than - or even as good as - my old beater.

Comment: Re:Why it did not go further (Score 2) 117

I have known very few people who really care about my choice of phone. But, then, I've never thought about starting the discussion with a drunk person.

Now I do see it here on Slashdot all the time; but in the real world, not so much. On the rare occasion it comes up, we usually end up talking about some feature on each other's phone that we like.

Comment: Re:Makers or Service providers? (Score 1) 339

I can only assume that T-mobile demanded that the FM radio be disabled, in order to get people to use up all their data listening to streaming music.

I'm not sure about the timeline with regard to the phone you mention; but T-Mobile no longer counts the traffic from most streaming music services against your data plan.

Comment: Re:Also on /. today, "Norway switching off FM" (Score 1) 339

So I would say, no, if FM is nearing end of life in general.

Which is why the National Association of Broadcasters is the entity mentioned in the summary. This isn't about emergency preparedness - this is an attempt to breathe a little more life into their dying business model.

Incidentally, as I understand it the FM receiver built into these phones is pretty useless since it's not really attached to any type of supporting circuitry.

Comment: Re:Thank god (Score 3, Insightful) 211

That's silly. People don't hate Google+. They do, however, find it irrelevant - and got really annoyed at Google's repeated attempts to force-feed it to all of their users.

Now that Google has finally (mostly) stopped doing that, everyone's back to simply finding Google+ irrelevant.

Comment: I don't get why the government is involved at all (Score 1) 283

by 93 Escort Wagon (#49502065) Attached to: Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017

If digital radio is supposedly better for the consumer, why not just let the market decide? One would think the broadcasters would naturally migrate over as their customers demanded it.

And if consumers don't really care about digital versus FM - why does the government? Have the Norwegians solved every more important issue facing their people?

Comment: Re:Solution in search of a problem (Score 1) 140

Who walks around without $2 in their pocket?

I keep an "emergency $20" in my phone's wallet case - but that's generally the only cash I have on me most of the time.

On a side note - I wonder when I turned into that guy? I used to swear I would never, ever use a debit card. Now that's almost always how I buy stuff.

Comment: Re:Parody, right? (Score 1) 140

This isn't from the Onion?

Every work day, when I get off the Sounder train at King Street and am walking over towards the bus tunnel, there's a guy hawking those "Real Change" tabloids. I've never seen anyone actually take one, though - and I didn't realize they weren't free!

Comment: I'm relatively lucky (Score 1) 142

At least if the comp is other Comcast subscribers. I live in a semi-rural area that doesn't have all that many cable subscribers. We are on Comcast's lowest tier service, but when I measure the speed I consistently get 60MB+ down (only 6 up though).

For comparison - at my mom's house, in a residential area containing thousand of suburban houses, 6MB down is about the best you'll ever see - and a good bit of the time your queries are just hanging there.

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