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Comment Re:Isn't this supposed to be the FBI's job? (Score 1) 84

Isn't the FBI supposed to be trying to track down the person responsible for causing Katrina?

Iran has repeatedly blamed the US for causing various natural disasters that have befallen that country. Apparently the FBI knows something we don't...

Comment Re: Vietnam (Score 3, Informative) 282

America lost Vietnam precisely because of the political pressure at home, which indirectly caused much of what you describe above.

America lost Vietnam because the people at home came to realize we had wasted more than 50,000 young American lives fighting on behalf of a tyrannical, oppressive government the Vietnamese people hated, and were doing so not to oppose communism but mainly to protect rubber plantations belonging to companies like DuPont. There was no good point to the war, and people eventually wised up.

Comment Re:The first windows to have a TCP/IP stack. (Score 1) 284

Win-95 was the Next Big Thing, it had a TCP/IP stack, came with quick basic, a telnet and FTP client, a web browser that would eventually crush Mozilla.

The web browser Internet Explorer crushed was Netscape Navigator - Mozilla didn't exist at the time. A for-profit single-product company couldn't compete with "free". Ironically enough, from the ashes of Netscape came Mozilla Firefox, which eventually broke Internet Explorer's cancerous stranglehold on the market.

It is unfortunate that Firefox has become the pathetic has-been we see now (thanks to the incompetent boobs currently in power at Mozilla). But we shouldn't forget how important it once was.

Comment Re:Circling the drain (Score 1) 187

As far as market share goes, you're right. It did seem, though, as if for a while it was seen much like Chrome is today - the power-tool choice for a certain subset of us nerds.

I never understood the love some tech-heads had for Opera, myself. But I did know guys who swore by it.