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Comment Re:Banning encryption? (Score 1) 175

I hate the way most media portrays users of encryption as probable criminals or as being "up to no good".

I have only seen quotes of government officials saying this - not reporters. However if a reporter says this, he obviously doesn't know what the little lock icon on his web browser means while he's doing online banking.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 416

On the off chance that I should break down on the side of the road, sans tools and sans parts, on a trip so I'm not near my garage, it would be VERY useful for my car to automatically tell me where the nearest mechanic is; even better if it gave me a list with ratings and reviews, so I could call around while waiting for a tow and find one that could get me in ASAP, so I can get back on the road quicker.

So, if you break down under said circumstances, pull your smartphone out of your pocket and you can have exactly what you're saying you want. You don't need to give Google perpetual, unlimited access to your driving data for you to have it.

Comment Ignore the "humans almost went extinct" bit (Score 4, Informative) 54

That's not from the Nature letter; apparently that's some off-the-wall addition from the submitter.

Since the submitter hasn't figured this out... This was a localized mega-tsunami. An enormous volcanic-induced landslide caused a huge wave to hit a nearby island. Just like other mega-tsunamis that are known to have occurred in Hawaii and Alaska. The scientists aren't talking about some global catastrophe - it would've sucked to be on that other nearby island, though.

Comment Re:My first review of Julia Cordray (Score 1) 447

My first review of Julia Cordray on Peeple:

"Peeple co-founder Julia Cordray is a greedy bitch who sees noting wrong with a platform that allows reliable, anonymous character assassination. I have it on good authority that she also has sex with dogs while smoking crack and watching kiddie porn."

In all seriousness, I expect the reason Julia Cordray is creating Peeple is probably so she has an avenue to complain about one or more ex-boyfriends (or husbands). There's almost certainly a specific personal motive - she wants to ruin someone's life.

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