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Hardware Hacking

+ - 250,000 iPhones bought to be hacked->

Submitted by 8tim8
8tim8 (623968) writes "In the middle of a New York Times article on Apple's recent sales strength, this line appears: "In response to analysts' questions, Timothy Cook, Apple's chief operating officer, acknowledged that as many as 250,000 iPhones had been purchased but then not activated for service with AT&T, Apple's exclusive wireless partner in the United States." I knew that some had been bought to be opened up, but a quarter million of them?"
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PlayStation (Games)

+ - More PS3 Supply Problems

Submitted by 8tim8
8tim8 (623968) writes "It turns out that assembling enough PS3s isn't the only challenge Sony has. Forbes has a story about how, during the busy holiday shipping season, there may not be enough cargo space available to ship a few hundred thousand PS3s across the Pacific. Those 400,000 PS3s would take up 500 20 foot containers, or 60 747 jets!"

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