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Comment CLANG? (Score 1) 112

It seems a bit unfair to throw CLANG into the mix with these games:
CLANG was started by the author Neil Stephenson, and people are surprised how, by golly, the guy doesn't know the intricacies of game development (and its costs)?
I found it incredibly strange to see how succesful that Kickstarter was, since it's the same as a reknown gamedesigner asking money to write a book...

The other examples are people who have been veterans in the gamedesign industry, and whereas not automatically flawless, they will at least also know about the possible pitfalls of development.

Global Warming Spreading Pests Far and Wide According To Study 193

An anonymous reader writes "New research has concluded that global warming is helping pests and diseases that attack crops to spread around the world. 'Researchers from the universities of Exeter and Oxford have found crop pests are moving at an average of two miles (3km) a year. The team said they were heading towards the north and south poles, and were establishing in areas that were once too cold for them to live in. The research is published in the journal Nature Climate Change.'"

Comment Re: Snap What? (Score 1) 140

Not entirely true: When someone makes a screenshot within the alotted time the picture is visible (the sender can set the amount of time it's visible), you can still make a normal screengrab (only have experience with an iPhone here), but it will notify the sender that a screenshot has been taken. The iPhone does not need to be unlocked for it.

Comment The reason why this will happen? (Score 3, Insightful) 435

"As a gamer, I'm of two minds about the whole thing. I really don't like it but I may roll over eventually and join the herd because I could get used to it."

And that's your problem right there. Why is everybody expecting that sticking to your principles doesn't need something in return?

Comment Re:Isn't banning unlocking anti-competitive ? (Score 1) 321

The dirty thing (at least in the UK) that the providers do is actually -charge- you for giving the unlock code -after- your contract expires.
Since an unlocked phone sells for a bit more in the pawnshops, I wanted it unlocked after my contract ran out.
Vodaphone wanted to charge me 20 pounds for what I considered to be my right to be done for free, so told them to fuck off and unlocked it myself (thought other means).
At first I wanted to fight this extra charge, but figured it would cost me way more personal time, than the actual 20 pounds it would have saved me.
But yeah, very dirty. Then again, even though they were offering me a cheaper subscription for the other phone I bought, I purposedly went with another carrier (but I don't think they lost any sleep over it; I'm assuming that most people will gladly pay the fee to get it unlocked :-( )

Comment Re:Really!? (Score 1) 231

Bullshit: The sentence 'That's so gay' to mean something is bad, only showed its head at the end of the 90's. I'm willing to be proven wrong, so waiting for you to provide some actual proof.
Hell, if something was gay in the olden days, it used to be merry/cheerful.
But as said, willing to be proven wrong...

Comment Re:Really!? (Score 2) 231

"Have you ever seen what happens in online games/communities" ; You didn't need to add the rest. It's all part of Gabe's Internet Fuckwad Theory.
Though to be fair; I kinda hate how the word 'gay' (to depict something to be bad) seems to have started in online games (or that's where I first picked it up), and now also seems to be common ground in real life. When I still used to admin a gameserver, I used to explicitly ban people for that (after giving one warning). Seems to be a lot harder to do in real life :-/

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