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Submission + - UI designers hired by Mozilla->

ta bu shi da yu writes: Mozilla has hired several developers from Humanized. According to Ars Technica, Humanized is a "small software company that is known for its considerable usability expertise and innovative user interface design. The Humanized developers will be working at Mozilla Labs on Firefox and innovative new projects."
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Submission + - Why isn't there a personal data license?

reemul writes: With all of the various licenses out there for examination and debate regarding how code may be used, why is there no license describing how my personal information is used?

Current usage is for the data I am obliged to enter for transactions becoming the property of the site I am using, subject to some vague usage policy which may be altered at any time without notification. I want to be able to own all of my own data and then license the narrow use of a subset of that data under the terms of the relevant license to the site I'm working with. My info is mine and will remain so. The transaction site only gets a narrow and specific usage of the subset of my data I'm allowing them. If they use that data for any other purpose whatever, they're in violation of the terms of this not-yet-defined license and are subject to sanction.

No more wholesale surrender of rights to your own info every time you buy something online. Does this sound like something the community could stand to think about?

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