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Wind Farms Can Interfere With Doppler Radar 179

Posted by timothy
from the whiteout-on-the-right-parts-of-the-screen dept.
T Murphy writes "Wind farms can appear like storms or tornadoes on Doppler radar when placed too close to the radar. Tornado alley is a good area for wind farms, and good terrain for the turbines is also ideal for Doppler radar. With many new farms being constructed, the problem is growing. A false tornado warning was issued in Kansas by a computer, although canceled by a meteorologist aware of the problem — there are fears that false positives will grow. Worse would be a tornado ignored as a wind turbine. While meteorologists are trying to work with wind farm owners to shut off the turbines during bad weather, they have no control over the placement or operation of the turbines. Efforts are being made to improve detection technology to avoid further problems."

Laughing Gas Is Major Threat To Ozone Layer 306

Posted by timothy
from the damn-you-street-racers-damn-you dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "The Christian Science Monitor reports that according to new research, nitrous oxide, the colorless, sweet-smelling gas with a long history as a medical and dental anesthetic is the next big threat to Earth's protective ozone layer. Its role in destroying ozone has long been recognized, as well as its role as a heat-trapping greenhouse gas but the new study puts nitrous oxide's ability to deplete ozone into numbers comparable to those used for other ozone-depleting gases covered by the 1987 Montreal Protocol. The researchers note that the health of the ozone layer has been improving since the adoption of the protocol and that nitrous oxide looms large today as an artificial destroyer of the ozone layer, in part because the emissions of other harmful chemicals have been so sharply reduced." (Continues.)
Utilities (Apple)

+ - Are there any x86 decompilers for OS X or Darwin?

Submitted by 777v777
777v777 (730694) writes "Does anyone know of an x86 decompiler (takes binary code and attempts to turn it into C or other high level language) that works with the mach-o binaries found on Mac OS X and Darwin? Everything that I've seen focuses on windows or linux."

Comment: Re:Memory Bandwidth (Score 3, Interesting) 425

by 777v777 (#24191563) Attached to: IBM's Eight-Core, 4-GHz Power7 Chip
It would be incredibly unlikely that each core could directly access the full 620TB. The current largest machines on the Top500 list are all distributed memory machines(clusters). However, the trends in modern interconnect networks are to increase the capabilities for doing stuff like remote direct memory access (RDMA). In such a scheme, the remote memory is not addressable(with load/store instructions), but stuff can be transferred between memories of different nodes by the network hardware. The codes commonly run on the top500 machines are likely written in MPI or MPI/OpenMP. This means they don't need to directly access remote memories.

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