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Comment Re:The TL;DR (Score 1) 66

Some web browsers start using the color names for some reason that the article glosses over

I understood this to be a result of the leading browser at the time (Mosaic) being developed on Unix. You had to have Motif to compile it yourself, but there were binaries available for most popular Unixes. Most of them didn't come with Motif, although that was beginning to change.

Comment Re:abysmal human rights records (Score 1) 32

Yeah, they should torture its citizens the way we do it (solitary confinement) and manipulate politics the way we do it (through the media, and institutionalized vote fraud) and oppress only the minorities we oppress, etc. etc.

I mean, I'm with you on China, but we should clean our own house first

Comment Re:Please, it is getting old.... (Score 1) 33

You can look at the network packets and go from there.

Right, that's been done, we discussed it here on Slashdot.

Now, since that requires some basic technical skills, you ofcource are incapable of doing it

Big words from a coward who isn't even capable of looking back at prior discussions we had on this topic where, if you did so, you would find vindication for my statements.

Comment Re: Weep for humanity. (Score 1) 306

One thing that is constant in most economies is that the majority of people are borrowers.

This has not always been the case, and borrowing has been enormously increased by the practice of letting central banks conjure money out of thin air. There was a time when businesses routinely saved their own money to finance capital improvements instead of borrowing and paying interest.


Comment Re:"At that price it's almost a burner" (Score 1) 145

Depends what you mean by smart. I've got a pair of 3.5" android handsets by (LG?) - one I got for $20 and includes FreedomPop service for free, and one is a $10 Tracfone branded of essentially the same type. I've used them as temporary phones for family on vacation where we knew we'd be separated. Kept in touch via voice/text/hangouts, played music, took pictures, checked email, looked up times/maps on the internet.

It's every bit a smart phone, for $20.

Comment Re: Weep for humanity. (Score 2, Interesting) 306

If everybody knows there will be deflation then they know that if they hold on to their money it will be worth more in future.

That's what Krugman claims, but it's bullshit now, and it was bullshit when Keynes first decided to try to convince people that they were better off being robbed by central bankers diluting their money.

Here's the example that disproves the claim: Everyone knows that when it comes to electronics, next year's model is going to be better/faster/more bang for the buck than this years' model, but the electronics industry isn't starving to death because of everyone sitting on the sidelines and refusing to buy devices because they'll get more for their money in the future.

Inflation benefits governments and other profligate borrowers. Deflation benefits savers (and everyone else, to a lesser extent.)


Comment Re:Taser, baton, dog and an armed buddy (Score 1) 561

Police officers should be required to leave the gun behind AND have an armed buddy stand back away from the heat of the confrontation to cover their back, call for help and importantly provide accountability.

So, cops should leave the guns behind, while at the same time bringing a friend with a gun?

Somehow, I don't think this will have the effect you think it will....

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