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Comment Re:But intel... (Score 1) 96

But intel keeps telling us we only need 4 cores for games?!

They're right. A quad-core intel chip beats the pants off an eight-core AMD chip... for twice the money. The maximum frame rates are only maybe 5% higher, but the minimums are almost 50% higher. If it's worth the money to you to keep your minimum frame rates up, which really can make the difference between killing and being killed in an online match mind you, then you buy the Intel chip.

To me, saving a hundred bucks (and almost another hundred on the motherboard, which was also cheaper) was more important. But to each their own.

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 0) 96

Oh please, that strawman was debunked ages ago, its no different than the *.A.A claiming that piracy cost them more than the GDP of the planet! All one has to do is look at the incredible mountains of cash valve is generating without putting out new AAA titles in years to see PC gaming is a HUGE money maker and that users do not mind DRM if its not intrusive always online horseshit like UbiSuck.

No lets cut through the bullshit, shall we? The REAL reason that you see so many developing for consoles is that console users are easy to fuck and fuck hard, end of story. They can keep the prices jacked for FAR longer on consoles because they do not have to deal with a free market, with consoles they have a captive monopoly so they are the only game in town. With PC you have Steam and GOG and the Humble Bundles and Origin and UbiPlay and Greeman Gaming and Amazon, with PCs the users have a huge market to shop from and endless titles going back 30+ years so they don't have to put up with the "take it and like it" bullshit. Check a new title 3 weeks after release, where is it cheaper? PC. 3 months? PC, 6 months, a year, 2 years? PC, PC, and PC, simply because if you don't compete? You ain't getting that money.

So don't give us the party line bullshit, its because of money alright, its because they can royally fuck console users and they have no choice but to bend over and take it.

Comment Re:Summary is so broken (Score 1) 96

Are the console OSes really so primitive that they cannot handle these things without dedicated cores? Because I have an 8 core and despite the OS having much more to do i have zero effort doing any of the above while playing games and running plenty of background tasks. Considering the hardware of both consoles is really nothing more than an HTPC it seems kinda ridiculous that it cannot perform basic tasks that PCs have been able to do quite easily for ages with hardware that powerful.

Maybe somebody that actually works console dev can chime in with the inside scoop, how primitive are the OSes on these things?

Comment Re:"Advanced battery technology" is a flashlight b (Score 1) 133

I see that the Tesla battery pack weighs 1,200 pounds. Reducing weight greatly improves efficiency, handling, braking, and acceleration, meaning lighter weight is all around better. It seems a bit wasteful of weight and materials to have 7,000 metal casings around 7,000 tiny batteries, connected with thousands of connections, rather far fewer larger cells. I'm surprised they don't use perhaps 24 or 100 larger cells instead, thereby eliminating thousands of unnecessary casings and connections.

There are a number of reasons.
1. 18650 cells are the cheapest per kWh, significantly so.
2. The smaller cell size helps with thermal management. It's easier to deal with the heat from using the batteries the smaller they are. There have been problems with airlines that use larger cells with them catching fire.
3. Power capability is actually higher with smaller cells. For a car with the acceleration of a Model-S, this is important.
4. Due to the amount of R&D into the cell, which is the most common LiIon cell in the world, weight and volume wise it's at least as energy dense as anything else, extra casing or not.
5. The connections aren't actually that big of a deal, most of the batteries are simply end-to-end.

Comment Re:AMD (Score 0) 185

AMD socket AM1, end of story. We're talking a quad core with Radeon graphics for $50 and you can get AM1 boards for $30. Slap in a 4GB stick, the cheapest case with PSU you can find (because the chip maxes out at 25w so any PSU will do) and a cheap HDD and voila! You have a pretty powerful HTPC or office box for sub $150, sub $130 if you shopped around.

Comment Re:It's not Obama (Score 1) 341

And this is totally unlike what every other president did who had a 747 to hop on to?

Ooh, good retort! Anything that another asshole in the white house did before Obama totally excuses him, even if he's wagging a finger at us driving cars while he rides in a fucking airliner.

When did it become OK to be patriotic and yet call the elected leader of this country "that asshole" instead of The President?

Anyone who hasn't called a president an asshole isn't a true American.

I have more respect and love for the country

Do you really not understand the difference between a politician and the country?


Comment Re:Fun uber fact (Score 1) 122

You should have a long conversation with your next Uber driver.

Actually, I DO have long conversations with all my Uber drivers, and when I ask then how they like it and all...so far, ALL of them have been quite emphatic about how much like liked doing it and the set up.

So far, the majority are either students, or adults with real jobs that just do it occasionally as supplemental income, but all seem to like it.

Comment Re:If they behave badly they are excluded. (Score 1) 217

>> If they behave badly they are excluded.

Except they aren't in today's society. For example, every time we try to "means test" welfare or food stamps or re-examine people fraudulently put on disability for life, there are a whole bunch of people who come out of the woodwork to whine about how unfair and mean all of us who pay the bills are.

Ugh....I wish I had mod points for this today...!!!

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