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Comment: Re:The 30 and 40-somethings wrote the code... (Score 1) 528

by 7-Vodka (#49626449) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'
You and your fancy schmancy Papyrus. Back in my day, we took a wad of clay and some black ash from the fire in the center of the cave, swished it in our mouths and spat it over our hands onto the cave wall to make some hand prints.

It tasted like shit and my hand prints looked just like any other and what was the use if it anyway? Face-book? Hand-wall motherfucker. In fact we had a game we called facesmash but that was more just smashing peoples faces with sticks.
But we liked it and we didn't complain.

Comment: Re:Rand Paul seems to get a pass here (Score 1) 437

by 7-Vodka (#49591293) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules
Let me tell you a story about when my friend worked a job that was 'unionized'.

Her interaction with the company and by extension the CEO was completely voluntary. She chose to interview there, negotiated a salary, chose to accept the job, chose to come to work and get paid for her time and could leave the job whenever she wanted.

What she didn't choose, was the hefty piece of her paycheck that the union stole from her. That was not voluntary.
Did the union provide a service she wanted? No. Did they pay for her school? no. Did they negotiate a better salary for her? No.

Unions are thieves and parasites who steal your money and then lord over you, pretending that they speak for you.

Comment: Re:LIbertarian principle (Score 1) 437

by 7-Vodka (#49591255) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules
Really? How many of your financial relations with the government are voluntary on your part?

How many of your financial relations with corporations are voluntary on your part? (and for the ones that aren't, could it possibly be due to a government-granted monopoly?)

I'll go first:

  • None of my financial relations with any government entity are voluntary, they are all coerced. One of us is benefiting on the deal and the other one has no choice and is getting fucked.
  • Almost all of my financial relations with corporations are voluntary. Both of us agree to the deal and we do so because both of us expect to be better off after the exchange.

Case closed.

Comment: Re:asdf (Score 1) 107

Please tell me you're not planning to stay FULL RETARD.

Doctors can't see your medical records unless you sign a release and allow them access, usually by joining their practice as a patient.

Only after that, can they request your records from your previous doctors and only then will they be provided, usually by mail.

The NSA on the other hand, probably has them in a database and at their fingertips already. Which ones you ask? ALL of them (that are in electronic medical record clouds).

Comment: Re:Not doing well in The Netherlands either (Score 0) 366

by 7-Vodka (#49289413) Attached to: Uber Shut Down In Multiple Countries Following Raids

The Netherlands regulates taxis in order to maintain various standards of safety and fair competition.

I contend that regulation neither helps safety or competition.

My position is the default position because it doesn't require the initiation of force against other individuals.

Now what?

Comment: Who cares!? (Score 0) 280

by 7-Vodka (#49144919) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average

Who cares how much anything costs? This is the government after all and they have magic money. They can give FREE healthcare and FREE unemployment benefits, the have something called a central bank that gives them FREE MONEY, so who cares how much it costs.

This is the socialists wet dream, until the government spends their magic money on something they don't personally like, then it's like woooah, hold on how much does this cost?

How much does it cost? Fucking nothing that's how much. It's free money. Who cares? You care? Well fuck you, we have the guns and we only care about the uber riche. That's the reality of government.

Maybe someday the communist socialist ilks will realize that for every victory they have, the person in charge of the government gun that points at people, ain't them.