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Comment Re:Intel's linux support is impeccable (Score 3, Interesting) 61 61

Not sure why AMD and nVidia keep dragging their foot. It makes no businesses sense

I have an older AMD card and the current AMD 'radeon' opensource driver in the kernel impeccably supports it.

In fact it's been about 5 years since I've had to ever even think about drivers for my video card. It just works, with great 3d performance, with every distro out of the box because it's supported by every default kernel and mesa libs. Even usb-flash distros.

Heck I've even run many steam games just to try them out. Had to install i386 packages for steam, but the AMD kernel driver, never had to worry about it.

If AMD can make the next driver arch as good and as open as the 'radeon' driver, I'll be buying AMD again soon.

By the way Nvidia, I wouldn't touch your junk with a 10ft pole. Come back when it's become mostly Free Software and is shipped default in every kernel and distro and I never have to worry about it.

Comment Infrastructure? (Score 1) 688 688

Infrastructure, maybe. But not the type you're thinking of.

The habits of drivers of electric cars have been studied extensively and here are some of the findings:

  1. Most of them don't drive very far per day
  2. NONE of them used public or private charging stations because..
  3. They all prefer to charge at home in their garages.

Yes the infrastructure is missing, but it's not charging stations. It's homes with garages. City dwellers aren't going to buy electric cars. The suburbs are and they'll charge at home thank you very much. Pull in for the night, plug it in, leave the next morning with a full charge. No need to go sit on the side of the road at some gas station for 30min to 8hrs, sharing charge points, waiting for other electric car owners for their 30min to 8hr charge.

Look the studies up, some were done by mini, others by other car companies. I've seen charging stations in my state that were installed 5-10 years ago at great cost (several million $) that have never been used and are now completely incompatible with charging standards. The last thing we need is for retards to go spending other people's money to build more of those.

Comment Re:Competent Authorities (Score 4, Insightful) 146 146

What does Assange's personnality, and your opinion of it, matter ? That's Ad Hominem put to the extreme. What about his work ?

It's the man, not his work, who is seeking asylum.

But it is his work that is important, regardless of this. Nay, not even his work, the work of the dozens to hundreds of brave souls who fight the slavers and face death constantly so that you may live under the freedom they provide. Something that bears mentioning regardless of the topic.

the work is more important than who's doing it

Actually, even as far as the work itself is concerned, since Assange selects what information he presents, there is a degree of judgment and choice involved. If Assange is prone to making choices based on personal interests rather than objective truth, then even the value of his work is questionable. That is why considerations about the person ("ad hominem") are relevant not just to his asylum request, but also to his work.

Hahaha. You jest right? You complain that one man may be cherry picking what secret documents he reveals, when he has revealed thousands or more... While the other side lies, cheats, steals, fabricates, leaks and murders to deploy their overwhelming propaganda.

We live in a world where the entire mainstream media are controlled by the intelligence services, even as paid assets at the very top. Where stories are censored in multi-continent wide blackouts. Where they are crafted to fit the interests of the rulers of the world. Where a whitehouse and pentagon leak secret material on a weekly basis when it's of interest to them. Where they don't even have to leak secret info if they don't want to because just BullShitting to the media will get your words repeated as truth, with no fact-checking.

Among all of this, you object to one man working against them? I think you woke up and tried to put one pant leg on a flea and the other on an elephant.

Comment Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 940 940

I find it hard to believe we have a 'free market' when the government controls money, probably 50% of all transactions.

Worse, how many mortgages to they 'own' now through fanny and freddy? (they? us? me? who owns this nasty shit and is on the hook for it?)

Worse still, the fed controls interest rates.

We're so far removed from a free market it ain't even funny. Why was there a 2008 crash? Why do we keep seeing bubbles? Why haven't we recovered yet? Why was 1999 a bubble? What's the next bubble? Who's buying bonds? Why aren't unfunded liabilities listed as government debt? How much do unborn children owe? How long till the dollar collapses?

There are some voluntary interactions, but it ain't no free market.

Comment Let's put it like this (Score 1) 743 743

Let's put it like this, Greece had trouble coughing up the last payment of 170M euro. Russia had to help.

You think they're going to come up with 1600M euro in June? LO to the L.

Russia can't afford to help them with this payment, Greece is dead broke and Goldman Sachs who helped Greece lie about their books to get into the eurozone in the first place is long gone.

Comment Re:My god you people need to think about economics (Score 2) 1094 1094

How much I've forgotten about economics is... well not that much because I'm not even that edumacated about economics.

I have spent more than a few hours thinking and reading on the subject and so I will attempt to answer your questions. Apologies if they're not great answers. Hey, at least they're honest and a little better than the highly moderated comments here.

Ok, since you have such a great understanding of economics, please explain to me how it's a good thing that the Walton family has more wealth than 40% of Americans (that's 129 Million Americans) combined, yet pays their full-time workers so little that they can't afford food or a place to live without welfare and foodstamps?

I wouldn't say it's good or bad. I think walmart has both good and bad aspects.

  • good: it seems to be efficiently run
  • bad: it treats it's workers badly by playing a min/max hours game to ensure they don't have to pay benefits
  • good: prices can be low for the customers
  • bad: it trains and ensures it's workers are making government claims for every welfare state benefit available
  • good: it generates lots of profit because it serves the consumer very well.
  • bad: they bribe and pressure local governments for subsidies and unfair tax breaks so they can out-compete mom & pop stores

How does it help me that my tax dollars have to subsidize Walmart employees (we're not talking about lazy drug addicts, we're talking about hardworking fulltime employees) when the company makes such huge profits?

A: it doesn't help you at all. The entire tax system is immoral. Although, I think they purposefully keep them as part-time employees (by government classifications) in order to qualify for these subsidies.

How does it help the economy when those employees can't afford to buy products that other companies manufacture and sell?

Consumption never 'helps' the economy. The economy is more than just passing money from hand to hand in exchange for consumer goods. Only the voluntary actions of individuals cooperating via a free market price system 'helps' the economy.

Or does it just benefit the 6 Waltons that are on Forbe's list of billionaires?

Don't forget all of the politicians that greased their hands making deals with all the billionaires on Forbe's list. Unfortunately it's the nature of human kind that as soon as one comes into power, the average human tends to wield it to their own advantage, especially power over others obtained by coercion and violence, hence 'government'.

Here are a few more discussions, thoughts:

Minimum Wage Argument Destroyed!

The True Cost of the Minimum Wage

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, Peter Schiff and the War over Minimum Wage

And the best resource of them all Mises Media

Comment My god you people need to think about economics (Score 2) 1094 1094

There are not many subjects on earth as poorly understood as economics.

I'm starting to think that it's by design because every misconception is in favor of 'government' and people being ruled by force.

Watch Tom Woods dispel these myths

and one more

Comment Anarchy (Score 4, Interesting) 118 118

I'm beginning to think the anarchists have a point.

"As long as there are rulers, we can't have rules"

Because they're always going to make exceptions for themselves and their cronies, and use the rules to stick it to everyone else, while loudly decrying that they speak *for* us.....

Comment Re:The 30 and 40-somethings wrote the code... (Score 1) 553 553

You and your fancy schmancy Papyrus. Back in my day, we took a wad of clay and some black ash from the fire in the center of the cave, swished it in our mouths and spat it over our hands onto the cave wall to make some hand prints.

It tasted like shit and my hand prints looked just like any other and what was the use if it anyway? Face-book? Hand-wall motherfucker. In fact we had a game we called facesmash but that was more just smashing peoples faces with sticks.
But we liked it and we didn't complain.

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