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Comment Re:Dippy bird and motion sensor (Score 1) 251

The ones here are much the same: They won't see you reading or typing, so you get plunged into darkness... then just as you get used to it, someone walks past your door, and of course the sensors see that. Everyone hates the damn things, but it's the law (or so the people who'd have to pay for putting real switches in tell us). Not long after moving into my office here, I taped a coffee cup over the sensor and "borrowed" a desk lamp. It annoys Facilities no end, which makes us even. Dippy bird would have been funnier though.

Meanwhile, in the toilets - which spend a lot of time unoccupied, and where you don't want anyone to touch anything if you can help it - we have real light switches. Even the individual cubicles have full-height walls and individual light switches. And yes, those lights regularly stay on all weekend...

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 4, Insightful) 502

Just watch, the evaluation criteria will be designed to have the F-35 come out on top, even though it lacks the armor of the Warthog, which not only jeopardizes the crew but the astronomically expensive asset as well.

From TFA:

"We're looking at all the missions and where it would make sense to do comparison testing and where it wouldn't, and we're going to be working with the services to develop that plan."

In other words, that's exactly what will happen; they just need to figure out the best way to rig this in the shiny new thing's favour.

Comment Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 3, Interesting) 334

There are other -- probably cheaper -- solutions for local storage than batteries. A couple of off-the-cuff examples: lifting a very large weight with your excess electricity, then running a generator with it during peak loads or periods. (Did I say VERY large weight?)

Batteries are heavy. Why not do both?

Comment Higher, again (Score 2) 109

Higher than anticipated, again, because I still hadn't learned that my employer doesn't change the amount of tax they forward on even when they increase my salary. They wait for me to tell the tax office that my salary changed and for the tax office to tell them that my salary changed, even though they were the ones who changed it in the first place. Brilliant.

They also lose the documentation sent by the tax office at the start of each year and, in the absence of any better information, deduct SIXTY PERCENT. Every. Single. February. As well as the first month of my job, which is really handy when you've just moved to a foreign country and need to buy just about everything from scratch.

This year I got wise to it and told them to deduct extra. That way there's either a fat refund around Christmas or some margin when they cock it up yet again.

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