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by 6Yankee (#47887875) Attached to: To prepare for a coronal mass ejection, I ...

You have to put distance and/or a lot more mass between the CME and whatever you want to protect than you have ready access to, unless you own a mine.

Working in the north of Finland, and down a mine is exactly where our backup tapes go. Not that I deleted some local backups and had cause to find out or anything... oops.

As for CME preparation: Charge the camera batteries, make a flask of coffee, and break out the winter gear so girlfriend doesn't get cold and want to go home.

Comment: A cautionary tale (Score 4, Interesting) 382

by 6Yankee (#47174709) Attached to: High Frequency Trading and Finance's Race To Irrelevance

If you have the time (and if you're at work, of course you have the time!), I recommend The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble. One guy gets his last goat killed by an aircraft so he can claim twice its value from the airport, and it all goes wrong from there.

Soon the shortage of actual goats led to a booming market in goat futures, goat options and increasingly arcane goat derivative products. This trade in young, unborn, and even theoretical goats allowed yet more money into a market whose only bottle-neck or brake up to this time had been the physical shortage of actual goats.

...until the whole thing comes crashing down.

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My first day here, I had a desk but no chair, and had to run power and network cables to the desk myself (as well as hunt down an extension cable when I refused to run power straight across a door at floor level). I also went monitor-shopping with the sysadmin, which involved a long cycle ride through the forest.

Took three days to get it all set up, and another three hours to work out that I couldn't do a damn thing with five other people bouncing about in a room built for two.

Comment: Under a tree, at the airport (Score 2) 310

I wrote parts of an aviation photo database while sat under a tree by the airport fence. (Keepin' it real, yo.) Naturally, I picked days when it looked like this, not like this.

OUL isn't the busiest airport in the world, so it's actually a really peaceful place most of the time, especially if you walk round to the south side. You're right on the edge of the forest, and you hear far more birdsong than jet noise.

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Over a few months of play, I conditioned my regular opponent with flare, flare, Mega-Missile. Eventually it got so that just lobbing a flare at him would send him running away screaming. I'd watch him thrashing about in a panic for a little while, maybe taunt him with another flare, before putting him out of his misery.

Yeah. Gotta have flares.

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