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Comment Re: Safety (Score 1) 233

Yup. This is why I no longer live in the white trash neighborhood that I grew up in. I don't want my children to feel so unsafe at school that they feel compelled to arm themselves (like I did).

Despite the liberal gun hysteria, I feel VERY safe in my America despite the fact that it is also very well armed. My neighbors are not animals. I can't say that about the neighborhood I grew up in.

If any blacks want to flee that crap, I will happily welcome them with open arms.

The problems in the hood won't be fixed with a successful gun confiscation program. They will just be easier to ignore because liberals won't have gun murder statistics to fixate over anymore.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 233

When any sort of event occurs, people just use it as an excuse to push their current agenda. It doesn't matter if it has any relevance to the current event. There isn't any consideration given to that at all.

That's my main problem with the usual knee jerk reactions crying "do something". That and the fact that they only react when it's white victims.

No one seems interested in doing a root cause analysis. No one wants to actually really solve the problem. They just want to mindlessly apply the bag of tricks associated with their agenda whether they will work or not.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 233

> "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority;

Yes. But I can point to examples of people getting arrested for scolding other people's children in the here and now versus 30 years ago.

There has been a real cultural shift against harsh discipline of any sort. This even extends to your own children. People will brag on Facebook about being willing to turn people into CPS for petty shit (like scolding).

In the 70s, glorification of hoods was just cultural. Now it's the legal norm.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 0) 233

> Yep. About time that second amendment was updated to reflect the modern military prowess of the United States, and the lack of the need for 'militias'.

Then do it then. Stop with all of the foreplay and whining and do it already. Stop pussyfooting around.

No liberal has the balls to introduce such an Amendment.

Although with things like the ACA, they don't think they need to. They think that they can just ignore the law anyway or try to redefine it after the fact to suit them.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 233

...because they didn't already have laws about drugs and gang activity. That's not even getting into the metal detectors and school cops that such places already had. In other words, it's an entirely different world that gun crazed liberals have absolutely zero experience with.

Again. That law is redundant.

Comment Re:I don't come to slashdot for these stories (Score 1) 233

> People are afraid of cars, that's why they spend so much time looking at safety rating when making a purchase and teaching their kids how to cross the road safely.

Only in your fantasy land.

In real life they couldn't care less about car safety ratings and themselves give you dirty look when you tell them to not walk in the street.

I WISH people were frightened of cars. They would get out of the damned street.

Comment Re:Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 4, Insightful) 233

I think a sensible requirement for gun ownership would be that you can't live with your parents and you can't have an adolescent child living with you where you keep a gun. Because teens are idiots. If you're paying rent then you're responsible enough to have a gun, otherwise tough luck.

So you'd obviously be in favor of adults not being allowed to own cars if they have teenagers in the house, right? Because teenagers kill WAY more people with cars than they do with weapons of any kind.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 0) 233

They can, and do, when the little shits are incarcerated.

And they can't be incarcerated unless they've been convicted for actually breaking the law. It's after the fact, by definition. Even in this case, it's a matter of convicting them of conspiracy to commit murder ... something the law did not prevent them from doing: they sat there and conspired even those there's a law against doing that. See?

Comment Re:Kids needed to check with the president first. (Score 2) 233

You tried to do your blame Obama bit

No, I'm not blaming Obama for what these kids wanted to do. I'm pointing out that his speech blaming the NRA for it was completely off base.

Even as the kids are dead you still tried to turn it political

You obviously didn't watch his speech. He came right out and said he thought the issue should be made political. His words. On the same day the students were killed. Try to get your rant at least aligned with current events and Obama's own words, OK?

Comment Re: Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 233

But either way it is a win for the NRA. They love to see children die because it is so profitable for them. They make money coming and going.

No, you've got it backwards. It's the gun control lobby and the lefty nanny state types that love to see children die. Because that's just the sort of thing they leverage in order to get more power over you. "Never waste a good crists," remember? The control freaks LOVE this sort of thing.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 2) 233

Are you trying to cleverly imply that since the presence of the law doesn't stop people from breaking it, the law should go away?

No, he's pointing out that people who want to kill other people for notoriety are going to do it, laws or not. The laws are there so that there's a mechanism by which to punish people who do such things, should they be apprehended. The laws don't actually stop evil little shits from being evil little shits.

Comment Re:Media Hype (Score 1) 233

I came in assuming this as well, but it looks like they confessed.

"The investigation has so far been based on interviews with the suspects, during which they gave a detailed confession, Sheriff Mele said."

Yeah, but why were they being interviewed by police? Because somebody overheard something and told the cops. Exactly a see/say situation.

Comment Kids needed to check with the president first. (Score 0) 233

Obama just got done making a speech where he said that this is about the guns, and that this needs to be made political, blah blah blah.

This is a perfect example of "private ownership of guns causes kids to be like this" ... simply being BS.

Having a screwed up world view, having no sense of how to lead an even slighly gratifying life without resorting to something like this in order to feel important, having media that dwells on and actively hypes this sort of thing ... those and a hundred other motivations spark this urge in a small group of weak minded fools. If they never could get around to getting their hands on firearms, they're a few minutes of web surfing and a couple of trips to some retails stores away from majorly lethal backpack pressure cooker bombs a la Boston, or a few chains and some gasoline away from burning a couple hundred people alive a la Bali, etc. The issue isn't the tools, it's the wanting to kill, and wanting to be known for having done it.

That there's four of them cooking up this idea takes all the fun out of the lecture about it being all about insufficient spending on healthcare. That they were planning something like this without already having a closet full of firearms capable of mind-control that mysteriously makes them want to do it takes all the fun out of "it's the NRA's fault." Where's the president, back on TV, explaining that this is all about parents raising some twisted kids? Nope, that's a politically incorrect value judgement about other people, and we can't have that.

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