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+ - Democrats: Florida primary may not count

Submitted by be951
be951 (772934) writes "Democratic party leaders are seriously considering making the Florida primary 'nonbinding', meaning they could ignore the actual vote by Florida democrats and allow party leaders to decide how Florida's more than 200 delegates are divided up amoung the candidates. "I think it's much higher than 50-50 that we will make Jan. 29 a nonbinding" election, said Jon Ausman, a veteran Democratic organizer in Tallahassee and member of the Democratic National Committee.
This is in response to Florida's move to an earlier presidential preference primary."

+ - Top CIA Polygrapher Fails Polygraph After Book

Submitted by
George Maschke
George Maschke writes "After months of delay by CIA censors, retired CIA polygraph examiner John Sullivan's book, Gatekeeper: Memoirs of a CIA Polygraph Examiner has finally been released. Sullivan, who in April 2007 filed a lawsuit against the CIA, recounts in his epilogue how he — who administered more polygraph examinations than any other person in the Agency's history — himself came to fail a CIA polygraph examination during which he was interrogated about his book! While Sullivan is generally supportive of the CIA's use of polygraphs, the book also includes pointed criticism of some aspects of CIA policy, including a chapter deploring torture as an interrogation technique. (In this regard, see Sullivan's article, "Bush and Torture.")"
First Person Shooters (Games)

Halo 3 To Have 'Mute the Jerk' Button 260

Posted by Zonk
from the new-age-in-online-gaming dept.
Eurogamer is reporting on comments from the Bungie website. A feature for the upcoming Halo 3, that they've just announced, will be most welcomed by aging FPS players tired of hearing high-pitched squeals through their headsets. When playing an online match, players will be able to hit a button and then choose one of the gamertags playing the game. The result: a total mute on that player for the remainder of the game. They don't mention it on the site, but one would hope the Xbox Live servers are taking metrics on this activity, to be used in calculating the player's reputation. The more you mouth off, the worse you look to future players. Anyone have some other feature they think might make online gaming better?

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