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Comment: Smart Card Meters? (Score 1) 863

by 58797A7A79 (#29171801) Attached to: "Smart" Parking Meters Considered Dumb

In Des Moines, Iowa, the regular parking meters are being replaced with new ones that can accept parking cards that you load up with money. You place the card into the meter and wait until the preferred amount of time is paid for, then remove the card. Now, here's the cool part: when you come back to your car, you insert your card and it refunds the unused time back to the card! No more paying for extra parking time!

Comment: Full Recovery!? (Score 1) 242

by 58797A7A79 (#25984709) Attached to: Doctor Performs Amputation By Text Message
"Mr Nott, from Fulham, west London, had just one pint of blood and an elementary operating theatre, but the operation, performed in October, was a success and the teenager made a full recovery."

The term "full recovery" for an amputation seems like a bit of dark humor when you think about it too long.

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