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Comment Already not in use (Score 2) 134

From TFA:

In fact, most of the roughly 1,000 chimps held at biomedical laboratories are not being used.

I'd be curious why this is - already too much regulation? The article goes on to say that they hope to pass them on to shelters. I'd certainly hope that's the case if they're not being utilized

Comment Re:Genius judge (Score 3, Insightful) 540

The only point I can see is that even if they have to be paid, you still have perfectly legitimate reason to pay them less than you would someone else doing the same work.

The real problem is the racket they've got going. You can't get a job without experience and the only experience you can get is going to be unpaid or underpaid labor doing the exact same job

Comment Re:Wayback machine? (Score 1) 480

If the original client won't cooperate, perhaps you could send a DMCA takedown notice asserting your ownership of the copyright for the original digital content.

Unfortunately, this is almost certainly not an option. From TFS:

Now this is grey territory as it the client who owns the source, not the contracting developer.

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