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Comment: Re:Plastic "art" (Score 2) 154

by 517714 (#46834021) Attached to: Previously Unknown Warhol Works Recovered From '80s Amiga Disks

Warhol was mostly marketing, like Kim Kardashian with a paint brush.

But you challenged us to read, so from Wikipedia:

"New York's Museum of Modern Art hosted a Symposium on pop art in December 1962 during which artists like Warhol were attacked for "capitulating" to consumerism. Critics were scandalized by Warhol's open embrace of market culture."

"In 1979, reviewers disliked his exhibits of portraits of 1970s personalities and celebrities, calling them superficial, facile and commercial, with no depth or indication of the significance of the subjects. They also criticized his 1980 exhibit of 10 portraits at the Jewish Museum in New York, entitled Jewish Geniuses, which Warhol-who was uninterested in Judaism and Jews-had described in his diary as "They're going to sell."

"The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (1975), 'Making money is art, and working is art and good business is the best art.' "

I believer it is the opinions of those critics and reviewers which have stood the test of time, not Warhol's artistic works.

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Not a recent NASA study, a NASA funded study. NASA, notably, didn't put their stamp of approval on it - in all likelihood because the authors did not reach their conclusions through proper methodology. A "thought experiment" is not suitable for reaching conclusions, only for developing a hypothesis. In other words, it is a complete fabrication presented as having some scientific basis and misrepresented as being the conclusions of a respected governmental and scientific body.

Comment: Designer should choose his words more carefully (Score 2) 88

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“The motherboard, battery board, and display adapter board are designs from whole cloth,” Huang told us. “Every trace on those PCBs was placed by my hand.”

Let us hope he means the third definition rather than the second from

2. (figuratively, used attributively or preceded by various prepositions) The fictitious material from which complete fabrications, lies with no basis in truth, are made.

3. Something made completely new, with no history, and not based on anything else.

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Yeah, I and NASA lied about the contents of the report, Johnson left all the good stuff out of his speech, that's a real credible claim. You at least need to keep track of all the players in the discussion.

My other response to your previous post thoroughly disproves your allegations of revisionism. Scientific American is quite clearly guilty of an attempt at revisionism and you swallowed it. You now seem to be decidedly weak in your citations and strong on personal attacks which are juvenile, and which would, to any dispassionate observer, appear to be more applicable to you than to me.

Comment: Re:Revisionist crap to toe the party line (Score 1) 230

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Here is a link that includes that one journalist you mentioned earlier, and a whole lot of his friends. I challenge you to find three articles in periodicals with comparable circulation to the NYT, Wash Post, Chicago Tribune, or even Science News between 1965 and 1975 which suggest global warming as a result of human carbon dioxide emissions into in the atmosphere. Now you can no longer say it was an isolated or fringe view from your position of smug ignorance - any such statement will now be a calculated lie. These articles all precede the notion of "nuclear winter" which was coined in 1983. You are the one who is trying to convince others that nuclear winter and these articles were mixed up when that is clearly an impossibility. So, I stand by my assessment of your veracity. Your personal attacks about my motives are both amusing and offer a somewhat disturbing view of your psyche.

Comment: Re:Scientists warned of global warming for decades (Score 2) 230

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You are the revisionist, and you remain a liar. Citing a secondary source is simply repeating someone else's lie, but it leaves you a liar nonetheless. Here is the speech: Scientific American says, "When a report on climate change hit the U.S. president's desk, ..." and it was not a report on climate at all - it was about pollution and it's health affects on humans. Yes, Johnson mentions carbon dioxide and not one word about its specific affect upon the environment. The particulate pollution and sulfur dioxide he mentioned were believed to cause cooling. Nowhere in the reports he was provided was there any mention of warming from carbon dioxide.

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That is another lie! No matter how often you repeat them, they will remain so. Popular Science, Scientific American and many other periodicals had articles on the subject of an impending Ice age. According to NASA, the first governmental paper that suggested that warming was the likely outcome of man's pollution of the atmosphere was in 1979.

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