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Comment: Re:What standards would those be? (Score 1, Insightful) 225

by 514CK3R (#14193273) Attached to: Google Fixes IE Bug
And Microsoft counts on this. That's why they dominate - they have everybody "addicted" to their software.
Addiction? Not nearly as much as it's a sunken cost. Consumers (Your parents, non-techie siblings, the guy that lives next door) aren't given many options when they buy an off-the-shelf PC, and when Options are out there, they're not nearly as exposed as anyone would like. Combine this with the fact that almost everyone wants a specific file format that they've sunken they're teeth into (think resume + MS Word, most places won't take ANY other format), and it not addiction, the user frustration is out there in spades. It's how our marketplace works. It's all about mass marketing and availability. Ever go to the grocery store? next time you do, go to the soup isle. Chances are almost 100% that campbells will have their soup at adult eye-level, and kids-friendly soups on the lower shelfs. to get anything but Campbells, you have to look between those shelves, and higher up. Out of sight, out of mind. Microsoft also relies on this. Go to Dell or Gateway or any other "OEM" consumer product store and find a PC that ships with linux. Not a server, a desktop PC on the front page that has linux as it's primary OS. Didn't find one? That's not addiction, it's market placement. $0.02

User hostile.