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Comment: Re:Time to leave (Score 1) 237

" I certainly doesn't share it (nor does most of the company in Montreal)."

LOL that's because of government interference, not because of actual results...

Good luck making the kind of boards I've done with Altium, you've already said that your only experience was ONE board, what the hell do you know?

" I work with Bombardier so I you can sleep safe knowing Bombardier doesn't hire PCB designer."

There you go. Finally you're starting to see. There are no more electronics companies in Montreal.

" I really wonder what are those odd orange mechanical things I've been working with in the last few years."

They're the things you *maintain*, certainly not *design* or build. ETS is the new technician factory. You don't have what it takes to design robots. You're an "engineer" the same way an aircraft maintenance engineer is an engineer, because the government says so, not because of what you can actually *do*.

Comment: Re:"to provide support for the cultural sector" (Score 1) 237

Quebec was also the only place in the world AFAIK that had a tax on tax, they shamelessly added the provincial sales tax on top of the sub-total with the Canadian sales tax...

Even the corrupt, greedy, selfish psychopaths running this banana republic had to agree this was excessive, they changed the formula but adjusted the rate to come out to the same total in the end. But now they can say they no longer tax tax.

This place is so absurd and laughable.

Comment: Re:Time to leave (Score 1) 237

Because electrical engineering is a shrinking profession ? You can't see that? There is nothing left to *do* in electrical engineering, but everywhere else you look in Montreal it's just lawyers and notaries and accountants and MBAs blowing each other to manage this or that.

I think I need to sit down with you and explain a few things to you. You're headed for trouble with your naive tech-only worldview. It *will* explode in your face like a grenade launched by a fat Quebecois pig into an 18 year old's face. Wait for your first gray hair. You'll see.

And if you don't see the problem of being with a hot woman you can't have sex with, you're either very gay or very young. Past a certain age, young women don't look at you anymore, and women your own age start looking LIKE you.

Your engineering job can be done by anyone around the planet, and one day will be. Getting a degree in something that is tied BY LAW to be *local*, that's much better. No one is going to get their condo managed by someone in China, but all your precious robots are already all being built there.


Comment: Re:Cher gouvernement (Score 1) 237

Here, go support Quebec and borrow the book locally:


He thinks Quebec isn't "corrupt", it *IS* corrupt. It's not even a question! I mean it's just written by a police officer with a foreword from the president of Interpol.

Can you name the equivalent of the Commission Charbonneau for Ontario? If the worst they can do in Toronto is Rob Ford, I'll choose that!


You telling me you can look at your paycheck, your property taxes, all the other taxes in this province and look at the state of the province and you don't think it's more corrupt than anywhere else?

"(wanna talk about the hundred billion tax break of the oil company in the US?)."

Sure, but what does that have to do with the price of poutine in Longueuil? The US sure has a better economy than we do!

Comment: Re:Time to leave (Score 1) 237

So with all due respect, you know maybe 10% of Altium and 5% of Allegro, and 0% of the PCB design landscape as a profession.

So much for humility. All your claims about the programs being similar are garbage.

And "robotics" is probably a fancy word for "I assemble PLCs to put labels on lipstick containers and use ladder diagrams to adjust the timing of label maker". Come on, there's no "robotics" in Quebec. Lots of silliness, but no real companies, no real products. There used to be EMS in Ste Anne that worked on the Canadarm, but with the Shuttle gone, yeah.... That was 20 years ago.

I really want to know where you work so I never have the misfortune of working in the same building as you. It's bad enough we're in the same province.


Just give me a hint, or give me the NEQ.

But you're right about one thing, I have to work harder to get out of this inbred province of retards. And yeah, you ETS guys are the laughing stock of all the real engineers I know. They resent you for not having the same workload and same quality of education as they do.

I know a guy who graduated from ETS from when it was just a technical college, so I know very well the history. Spare me, ETS is just a meat-grinder to get kids to pay for an education that may very well never materialize into jobs. How about that Hydro Quebec work program hm?

Comment: Re:Time to leave (Score 1) 237

Over 50. You might as well shoot yourself in the head at my age. I tried already to go back to university, you think I enjoy being surrounded by women I can never touch and little pipsqueaks with no knowledge?

I tried Concordia, got accepted no problem in their EE program. I had to re-do basic chemistry, which was fine because most people in that chem class were young women in nursing. For some reason, the hottest woman there teamed up with me. Like, crazy hot. Like, movie hot. That never happened to me before!

Anyways, I was a junior chemist in high school and was already making nitroglycerine and various propellants on my own. You think I have a problem with the Periodic Table of Elements?

First lab we did we had to hand in the lab report, I was shocked to see the amount of reports still hand-written and on spiral-bound paper ripped from the binder. I handed in a professional-level formatted document with perfectly laid-out equations and no spelling mistakes. I even calculated the volume of the bottom of the test tube to account for experimental error.

The T.A. took away marks at random from my report. I went to see him and he said "I didn't like what I saw". You didn't LIKE it? You're having sex with 23 year old women and you have the energy to criticize my choice of fonts?

I went as high up as I could in that department to get my fucking marks because my report was 100% accurate as proven by the dep't head.

I dropped out right after because if I have to fight every step of the way for this shit, just to end up working with people like you, hand me the 12 gauge, put both barrels in my mouth and pull both triggers.

"you should have access to a huge scholarship "

You're delusional. I could cash in my REERs to do a LLP, but certainly never in engineering, I'm not THAT stupid. I'll go into law or administration.

You talk about society valuing paper more than skill, wait til you get old and see how the technical sector treats you!

But you gotta admit I have you Altium guys figured out!

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.