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Comment: Re:Amigas aren't very Amiga compatible. (Score 2) 180

by 50000BTU_barbecue (#47499227) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

Well neither were PCs of the era. Try to get EMS memory programs to run with EMM? No luck. Maybe install a driver in your config.sys? But then it would break other programs. Want to get a CD-ROM? Which type would it be, the kind that hung off your special sound card's bus, a stand-alone CD controller or IDE?
What about your mouse? Think you can bring your mouse over to your friend's house? Hmm, was that a serial mouse or a bus mouse? Which bus?
Got a new sound card? Think that program that only supported the old Soundblaster would work with your new Turtle Beach card? Wait, how many hours of trial and error config.sysing is that going to be?

Comment: Or cut back on the kids (Score 1) 706

I no longer have any patience, I'm old. When people tell me how important the environment is I ask them how many kids they have. It's amazing how few people see the connection between themselves and the world.

"Someone else will solve the problem, we have a career/life/car/house program to follow here, buster!"

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