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Comment: Re:4G is Losing to Wifi (Score 1) 46

I don't think you appreciate the value of that unlimited plan. There's even an aftermarket where people sell and trade old unlimited plans. And various tricks, like adding a new line and switching new phone over to your old unlimited line (for $10 a month over 2 years, plus price of the phone, which is still only like $240 to $340 or so depending on the price of your particular phone). That's what I did recently to get a new phone.

I've had a death grip on my unlimited plan and go to great lengths to keep it, and most people who care about that plan to do the same.

I don't even use more than 2-3GB/mo of data, but even then, switching to one of their new plans will cost me a lot more money for a lot less. Verizon is crazy. If they offered a reasonably-priced 2GB plan, I might actually consider switching. As it is, it's still cheaper to just buy a new phone every so often, or get one used on eBay and then activate it with Verizon.

Comment: Re:media cos killed it w/compression+Bitstarvation (Score 2) 197

by 404 Clue Not Found (#47687145) Attached to: Is Dolby Atmos a Flop For Home Theater Like 3DTV Was?

I learned about people like you in school! They said you could tell apart Monster Cables from coat hangers half the time, you bought both Super Audio CDs released, and your speakers are made of gold particles supersuspended in a quantum magnetic field. Is it true extinct whales sing to you in your sleep?

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by 404 Clue Not Found (#47520707) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

I'd love to see a single UI that works across 4" phones and 7" tablets with gorilla glass, and 13" laptops and 10" convertibles with membrane keyboards, and 24" desktops with 101-keyboards, and 60" XBox Ones with controllers but I'm not holding my breath.

You probably shouldn't feed your Xbox so much.

Comment: Gameplay (Score 2) 215

by 404 Clue Not Found (#47269963) Attached to: Was <em>Watch Dogs</em> For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

It's an Ubisoft game. Ubisoft Game: The Review tells you all you need to know:

By now weâ(TM)ve all heard of Ubisoft Game, and if you havenâ(TM)t, then youâ(TM)ve been living under a rock. Ubisoft Game is the latest in a long line of titles from Ubisoft, and with a bigger budget than ever before and no less than 75 of Ubisoftâ(TM)s 193 global studios working on it, thereâ(TM)s no doubt that this yearâ(TM)s Ubisoft Game is going to be the big one.


Ubisoft Game is the story of Main Character, a gruff or sassy white man who is really good at parkour, killing, and killing while doing parkour. One of the most iconic features of Main Character is the way he dresses â" Main Characterâ(TM)s sense of style and flair really comes across in his tailored outfit, which makes him look distinctive and features a number of clear symbols that can be easily used in marketing and merchandising.

The game takes place in a big open world, with lots of people and maybe even animals living in it. That sounds like it should be a paradise, but itâ(TM)s not â" a Bad Thing has happened and Main Character is right in the thick of it. Or maybe heâ(TM)s the only one who can stop it? The story in Ubisoft Game is a bit uncompelling, but thatâ(TM)s okay, because thereâ(TM)s just so much to see and do.

Comment: Dasher? (Score 4, Informative) 552

The program Dasher is made to be used by immobilized but conscious patients. It's basically like autocomplete on your cell phone, but instead of typing each letter, you look at it. See their videos, like this YouTube one or the rest on their website, for a demo.

It can be used with an eye tracker, following her eye focus instead of eyelids. You might be able to adapt to a brain sensor headset.

Comment: Re:Didn't deserve to die... (Score 0) 450

by 404 Clue Not Found (#47028199) Attached to: Robbery Suspect Tracked By GPS and Killed

I disagree. Why didn't he deserve to die? Why would you want a society where people stole from pharmacies and only received light sentences?

If we jailed fewer people and executed more of them, and streamlined the death row process, we wouldn't need so many overflowing jails. It'd cut way down on recidivism too.

Obviously he didn't value human lives much. Why should we value his?

Comment: Re:They've been pushing this angle for a while (Score 1) 362

by 404 Clue Not Found (#47021809) Attached to: Should Tesla Make Batteries Instead of Electric Cars?

Are those things really innovations? They seem more like expensive gimmicks prone to maintenance headaches.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love a Tesla, but not for any of those "innovations".

I wish they'd sell a regular, plain-Jane electric car with standard parts. I don't need a $1000 glass cockpit that'll seem like an antique in 5 years, or electric pull-in handles that'll be impossible to find OEM parts for, or even a fancy nav system that my smartphone can just fine with. And gullwing doors? That's like the Rolex of doors, isn't it -- all form and no function? Unless I get bonus points for every cyclist I decapitate with them, where's the benefit?

I get that the Roadster was designed for the obscenely rich and the Model S was designed for the only-super rich. Hope the next model is more generic and able to compete with the Accord and Civic.

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I think a GogNet would be neat too, but there is precedent. When the web first started gaining popularity, there was, which let you play IPX games over TCP/IP. It's still around today and even supports games like NWN.

People also use Hamachi, a VPN, to emulate LANs to play with their friends.

Kali had a lobby system but Hamachi does not. In any case, using modern VPNs in conjunction with a gaming lobby for matchmaking and chat would be an awesome project for GOG or perhaps Steam.

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