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Comment Re:Good Way to Explain this Kind of DRM to the Unw (Score 2) 55

Meh, it's not that big a deal for most games. Onlive worked, albeit with a little bit of lag. Maybe not great for shooters, but for most action/puzzle/etc. games (especially controller-driven ones that don't require super precision) it was totally playable.

If your internet connection is good enough for Netflix, Onlive offered a similar experience (slightly worse, since you can't pre-buffer a game like you can a static movie) but still playable. It was a godsend when I didn't have a gaming-capable computer in college.

For $10 a month, it was a great way to try out many lesser-tier games, or for AAA games, pay $2 for a couple hours of full gameplay to see if it's something I'd like to pay full price for.

As someone who's built and played on high-end gaming PCs for the better part of two decades, streamed games are an interesting niche that I hope will open up more use cases. They are unlikely to replace mainstream desktop gaming, but maybe they can find a niche in there somewhere between mobile and consoles, both of which are already far weaker than desktop PCs but still have plenty of players and games.

Comment Re:Didn't Like Eich (Score 1) 192

To be fair, with the amount of influence corporations have on government, their CEOs are proxy policymakers. It matters a lot what their social views are because they, much more than individual citizens, determine the future of our country.

If we remove campaign "contributions" and jail politicians who accept corporate bribes, sure, let the CEOs believe whatever they want. Until then, corporations directly manipulate social policy. Thus, influencing corporate personalities via boycotts or public shaming is the only real power the average Joe has as a customer-citizen. You have more of a chance of getting a corporation to give a damn -- because you can choose whether to pay them -- vs getting the federal government to directly give a damn about you.

So elect the right CEOs, support the right companies, and they will in turn lobby on your behalf. If you don't believe me, look at how who actually steers progressive change in US politics -- it's the big tech companies, mostly left-leaning, fighting against Old Money. Citizens don't matter. Only CEOs do.

Comment Re:Some math (Score 4, Insightful) 133

That's as silly as expecting gas stations to pump the gas out of the ground and refine it right then and there as each customer pulls up. No, you just have the fuel ready to use in a big storage tank that you refill in bulk.

Similarly, in this scenario you'd just have enough spare battery packs lying around to service all your potential customers, and charge the rest when it's not so busy. It's not like there's going to be a steady line of customers every 3 minutes waiting to swap. Charge your battery banks during the day with wind and solar, and keep doing it in the dead of night when electricity prices are lower, and have them ready when customers pull in the next day.

Comment Re:4G is Losing to Wifi (Score 1) 46

I don't think you appreciate the value of that unlimited plan. There's even an aftermarket where people sell and trade old unlimited plans. And various tricks, like adding a new line and switching new phone over to your old unlimited line (for $10 a month over 2 years, plus price of the phone, which is still only like $240 to $340 or so depending on the price of your particular phone). That's what I did recently to get a new phone.

I've had a death grip on my unlimited plan and go to great lengths to keep it, and most people who care about that plan to do the same.

I don't even use more than 2-3GB/mo of data, but even then, switching to one of their new plans will cost me a lot more money for a lot less. Verizon is crazy. If they offered a reasonably-priced 2GB plan, I might actually consider switching. As it is, it's still cheaper to just buy a new phone every so often, or get one used on eBay and then activate it with Verizon.

Comment Re:media cos killed it w/compression+Bitstarvation (Score 2) 197

I learned about people like you in school! They said you could tell apart Monster Cables from coat hangers half the time, you bought both Super Audio CDs released, and your speakers are made of gold particles supersuspended in a quantum magnetic field. Is it true extinct whales sing to you in your sleep?

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