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Comment: Re:A sad world. (Score 1) 268 268

ANPR is half-baked, though, what we need are secure IDs for cars, not a big plate with some easily duplicated characters on it. I don't drive, but I'd hate to have to try to prove I wasn't driving a car bearing my hypothetical car's registration plate. It amazes me that anyone with a functioning brain would advocate automated legal action against someone holding up a series of characters on a reflective strip.

Comment: Re:A sad world. (Score 1) 268 268

Criminals use cloned plates, this results in "us taxpayers" having to clear our names in court if the only evidence is a series of digits collected by ANPR at a certain place and time. The database necessary to generate cloned plates is accessible to the public, so it's accessible to criminals.

Comment: Re:Face recognition using just a webcam? (Score 1) 164 164

The 3d technique would be an attempt at actual security, the Lenovo technique is described in the IdeaPad manual as a convenience feature.

I don't foresee any major problems with Lenovo shipping this software on all their machines, though it would be nice if they made it crash less frequently and educated the user about the risks of using it.

People have locked things up with simple, easily copied metal shapes for a few thousand years, believing that this was security.

Comment: Re:Ehmmm... Photo? (Score 1) 164 164

On my wife's IdeaPad I can log in by holding up my macbook in front of it with iPhoto showing a picture of my wife's face in full screen mode. I tried a few photos and the one that worked was taken face-to-face, in the same way that the inbuilt webcam would take it.
I found that I need to tilt the macbook screen slightly so the LCD viewing angle achieved the right level of contrast for the camera in the IdeaPad.

I could just use the password to log in, but that would be boring.

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