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Comment: Sometimes the easy way is the better way (Score 4, Interesting) 111

by 3D-nut (#44749391) Attached to: Software Brings Eye Contact To Video Chat, With a Little Help From Kinect
Why not put a half-silvered mirror (plate beamsplitter) at a 45 degree angle to the screen, a piece of black velvet beyond the beamsplitter as a light trap, and point the camera so it sees your face reflected in the glass? Like a teleprompter.

Comment: File a Provisional Patent Application (maybe) (Score 2, Informative) 262

by 3D-nut (#27357179) Attached to: Circuit Board Design For a Small Startup?
You can get some short-term IP protection by filing a PPA. Filing fee was $100 last I knew (small entity). Go to and buy "Patent It Yourself" for about $30. Read, understand, and follow all safety instructions. Then you can talk to potential partners, investors, vendors, etc. more confidently.

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