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by Marxist Hacker 42 (#47478393) Attached to: Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork

"First, let me say that I was talking about workplace harassment."

For a Roman Catholic Priest, the Church is his workplace, the congregation his customers, the Bishop is his management. For an extremely bad Roman Catholic Priest, it is a very bad idea for the customers to complain to the management about sex abuse. It is in fact the direct cause of the scandal, that the misconduct was reported to the Bishop and not to the police.

There is a lesson in that for any organization.

" People can always call the police (or file a lawsuit), and obviously if your organization covers for harassers then that's the next step. "

It is a safe assumption that all organizations WILL cover for the harassers, because as you point out,
"escalating to the courts is expensive, time-consuming, embarrassing" for the organization, and in the end, the organization only cares about what is profitable for the organization.

But if we fail to do it, we merely perpetuate the rape culture.

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#1, as the Roman Catholic Church proved royally, is a complete and utter error forever. You do NOT want your organization's management deciding if a victim can call the police.

#2, every illegal act that is a felony, should result in the loss of a job. Once again, it's law enforcement and the courts that should make that decision, not the good ole boy network in your management.

#3. The standard should be to call the police, each and every time. It is the only way to end rape.

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The weird thing is, most cutting of energy use is done through better technology. The laptops I replaced our desktop machines have half to a third the wattage on the power supplies, and work just as well. My investment in LED light bulbs is just the start- I want to install a low voltage USB-compatible power grid in my house, to run all sorts of things at fractions of an amp, or at least under 2.5 amps (my new cell phone and tablets use higher amperage chargers). I've replaced my refrigerator with a newer model that uses half the electricity and added five more cubic feet. And yes, I drive a prius.

Funny thing is, I'm not particularily an environmentalist. Less dirty energy costs less money.

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"Are you pointing to problems in general, or some theologies in particular?"

More in general, in that all theology that ends up personal, ends up a finite brain contemplating an infinite being.

"As a sola scriptura type, I'd like to point to some specific English language scripture as a possible solution, but the same problem heads its ugly rear there, too. Guess we'll have to be humble and rely on faith, no? :-)"

My response to that is John 21:24-25 :-). But more seriously, yep, same problem rears it's ugly head there, perhaps more so. The book is a reflection of God's work with his people a long time ago, it isn't God himself.

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The Catholic Church considers the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics to fit with our theology. But it also occurs to me that it fits with the problems I've run into converting analog to digital measurement. And THAT points to the theological idea that many people worship not the Creator of the Universe, but an image of God that is a model of the actual God.

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I didn't explain the behavior adequately.

SELECT * FROM dbo.GetReferencedModelPointsByJobID(@JobID)

Returns someplace between 2-56 rows, depending on JobID

The second query does NOT error out, but is not returning a comma delimited string of all rows, but instead, in some cases, is returning only ONE row.

Since I'm using this to build a temp table, it doesn't error out until I attempt to fill columns in the temp table that do not exist.

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Journal: Fun with SQL Server 2012 11

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I have a Table Valued Function that returns a simple parameterized view. I want to turn that view into a string.

Can anybody tell me why the first query works and the second one doesn't?


SET @JobID=2861

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I wish I could mod this up.

I recently learned Microsoft MVC, being an old application programmer. Once I grasped the concept, I ended up with three competing database models to the same bloody schema in SQL Server, because some controls use AJAX/Entity Framework, others JSON/SQLDataObject, still others a SQLClient loaded on page load.

I got it to work, but what a rube goldberg machine it is, complete with the maintenance headache that implies.

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But what it really means is that with this news getting out, Al Qaida is going to start manufacturing cell phone batteries that are half battery (to power up the device and show that it works) and half C4 (bonus, detonation circuit attached to the charger).

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I still like the Augustinian Just War. If followed correctly by all sides, it leads to no war. Yet it still protects your people if an aggressor should violate a border.

These days, we could do it with armies of random, but GPS limited, drones pre-programed for air, sea, and land self-healing minefields.

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