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Comment Re:Visual vs wall of code (Score 1) 157

The drag-n-drop languages teach loops and if-then-else trees pretty easily- case statements are a bit harder, but I know of one drag-n-drop language that has them as a feature.

What they don't teach is how do debug 5 levels of CSS on a website. These kids are going to hate coding when they get down to the actual work.

Comment Re:There are certain languages out there (Score 1) 4

i was thinking mainly of the surprise I got in VB 3.0, where true evaluated to -1, false to 0, but a checkbox value was 0,1,or 2 (unchecked, checked, or grey box). This code would work fine for unchecked boxes, but cause an error for checked boxes.

There are a few other languages and checkbox controls that are like this, which is where the script kiddie likely learned the pattern.

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