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Journal Journal: linux powered weather ballon

The N prize caused me to look this up

A dense paper about launch regulations:

some more

the real thing:;sid=411c0579c5834b8dfae3aee3e75392dd;rgn=div5;view=text;node=14%3A4.;idno=14;cc=ecfr

seems like the rocket has to be guided to allow a predictable orbit, thats tough.

some mass ratio calculations assuming 1-4km/s exhaust velocity and 7km/s orbital velocity.

? exp(7/4)
%8 = 5.754602676005730436866499705
? exp(7/1)
%12 = 1096.633158428458599263720238

Sweet they only put actual vehicle costs on the budget not the more costly licensing and other bureaucratic issues. Somewhere I found mention that launchers actually don't make such a large portion of the launch costs but all the other stuff like range operations.

Exhaust speed obviously matters. Here is a nice table for engines

High exhaust speed requires difficult to handle fuel, consider staging. Staging might need even more control systems and structure and drive up the price+weight.

High altitude thrusters seem to be simpler.

Here is a starter book for liquid engines.

Liquid oxygen might require insulation, more weight added.

More engines:

a practical one:

giving 0.8 km/s ve.

You will start at zero g what will do that to the fuel?

Enough for today. Zzzzzzzzz...

Another day has begun.

The Nprize group had this to say about SpaceX - snide bastards:

The Introduction states: There must be no recontact between the separating bodies, no ...
38 years is a lot of time to forget something.

The idea with the cannon as last stage should be silly since most explosives don't store much energy

also the acceleration is nasty.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Onion Stream about Wow

Have a look at this:

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