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Not just that, also note the scale at which western societies are not farming societies anymore. In my neck of the woods we have 2% aging farmers that are on average 40 years old. Comparing that with Thailand's 50% I would expect quite a bit of restructuring to be necessary if we were ever to return to a farming society, not to mention the event of some catastrophic decline.

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The twenty minutes will turn into a few hours when people have to walk out of the traffic jam. This might give you some time to flee.
For the shits and grins I actually tried the walking part for my particular city and the 20minutes turned into 2-3 hours. It was an incredibly pleasant day for the hike, but my feet hurt like hell afterward due to inappropriate footwear (sandals).

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They could have thought about a study like this when they first started thinking about the green house effect and climate change:

But no, temperature recordings normally start mid 19th century, that is tardy. Now if they had actually started doing something against climate change around 1950

that would have been wise, alas ...

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You could also set up some kind of DMZ where you use a router with firewalling capabilities between broadband and your home network. This gives you some security now while you are still experimenting. Also it is a good idea to not trust your router and set up your own firewall in addition to it. Beyond that you may also protect us from your experiments that way.

You can also try to scan/hack your internal firewall with tools like nmap to see how it is holding up. Here is a list of a few links:

Also there is user friendly in case you have been missing it so far,

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Actually my experiments with Scotch Bonnet (capsicum chinense) have never really allowed me to taste much beyond the hotness. Fortunately there are other spices around that are strong enough to get through the hotness. Thai curry contains a number of them usually.

Also the hotness supposedly has an appetite suppressing effect:

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"At the heart of England’s idea is the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of increasing entropy or the “arrow of time.”"

This is great, now somebody can easily go and model the economy thermodynamically. After all this should be a much simpler system.

Then again thinking about the second law feels like you can never come out ahead, introducing this concept to economics would be fatal to certain parts of the finance industry.

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At the time I switched to Linux I had only DOS which I regarded as inferior due to MS not supporting a flat memory model. MS started to support this in a credible way only with winnt in 1993, whereas they could have had something when the 386 came out in 1985. Given that they started in 1981 they had only four years of acquired customers but they managed somehow to respond to new hardware with a delay of eight years.

Once I had Linux running in '95 I also totally liked the grown up look X-Window had. Maybe you should tell your kids " ... and when you grow up I'll let you play with the big iron".

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That, and lets not forget:
So here is my contribution to "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white! â" Justine Sacco"

There is this article I remember about British women increasing the chance of getting HIV by having unprotected sex in Africa:

There is a clear potential for her being wrong about whiteness causing rational behaviour or something similar. While some might argue that often it is just easier to shut up, she could have rather said something like "I let the guys use condoms".

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