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+ - Stanford to hit P2P users with reconnection fees

Submitted by 313373_bot
313373_bot (766001) writes "This is not an unexpected development: rather than higher learning institutions, Universities behave more and more like businesses, and if it is more lucrative to take RIAA and MPAA's side, they will.

Citing the costs involved with keeping up with the number of file-sharing complaints received by the school, Stanford will continue to disconnect students from the campus network upon the receipt of "DMCA complaints" and other notices such as the infamous prelitigation settlement letters from the RIAA but will now charge students a hefty fee to be reconnected.
Wireless Networking

+ - Wireless net neutrality

Submitted by 313373_bot
313373_bot (766001) writes "The article raises an interesting issue, since people seem to tolerate much more corporate abuse and restrictions when services (such as cellular phone and now net access) are perceived as a "luxury" instead of as a basic necessity (such as, for instance, plain old telephonic service.) .html"

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