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Comment: Re:Stands to reason (Score 1) 181

by 3.5 stripes (#48849229) Attached to: NSA Hack of N. Korea Convinced Obama NK Was Behind Sony Hack

First off, my point was that ad hominem is not a particularly good way of discrediting what a person says. Being anonymous does not make the poster I replied to more or less trustworthy, and the fact that McAfee has been accused of murder does not mean he cannot be trusted on this sort of matter.

Second, I think you're correct, trust is not established by your name, but by whether what you say has value and is verifiable.

Comment: Re:what about spectrums rights? (Score 1) 104

by 3.5 stripes (#48811947) Attached to: Where Cellular Networks Don't Exist, People Are Building Their Own

In fact, human slavery and drugs are exactly the same thing, silly OP for not realizing that transporting small amounts of naturally occurring mostly inert substances is exactly the same as transporting human cargo for slavery, in fact I just saw some guy at the airport get stopped with three human slaves stuffed up his ass in a condom.

TLDR; you dumb.

Comment: Re:About time (Score 5, Insightful) 417

by 3.5 stripes (#48810587) Attached to: Obama Unveils Plan To Bring About Faster Internet In the US

The cost? You mean that every time a local community decides to foot the cost themselves, Comcast and co go get laws passed at the state level to stop the community from being able to build the network, because obviously they're just interested in the local community not overspending : /

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