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Comment: Walls are stationary (Score 1) 35

by 3.5 stripes (#48159229) Attached to: Samsung Achieves Outdoor 5G Mobile Broadband Speed of 7.5Gbps

Walls are stationary objects, other objects that horribly impact 28 GHz frequencies in performance ruining ways are raindrops, mist, tree leaves, and so on.

I guess these will be designed to work in fairly small cells, which would in theory reduce that sort of interference, but I'm not particularly convinced by that fluff piece.

Comment: Re:Oh please, Biden said it best (Score 4, Insightful) 425

by 3.5 stripes (#48081587) Attached to: Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"

No it isn't, no more than christiantity.

Seriously, meet a few muslems before you parrot lines off groups that have been looking for another demon to finance the MIC, and often had a hand in creating (Al Quaeda, orginally financed by the US to fight the commie threat.. etc).

95% of muslems want exactly what most 1st worlders want, a safe place to raise, feed and educate their children, and hopefully some opportunity for those children to do better.

Comment: Re:Straight out of the Cold War playbook (Score 1) 789

Nothing personal, but you tend to view things that support your views with less scrutiny than ones that do not.. ie; the guy asking a question at the school was a plant, this guy is obviously telling the truth.. why shouldn't they both be treated with the same suspicion, after all, they're both russian?

Comment: Re:This is what the Republicans want for all of us (Score 1) 167

by 3.5 stripes (#47605663) Attached to: Law Repressing Social Media, Bloggers Now In Effect In Russia

WTF are you talking about? The Democrats would have to cross over a lot of right wing territory, the great expanses of moderate, and a good bit of the socialist mountains before ending up anywhere near communism.

Just because they're not as right wing as you'd like in no way makes them communists of any stripe.

Comment: Re:What an idiot you are (Score 2, Funny) 409

Herp and derp, doctors in african countries in makeshift hospitals should have access to all sorts of sanitary facilities, just like in the CDC!

Look, I managed to counter your argument without seeking refuge in ad hominem, you pinheaded microphallic butt sniffer!

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