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Comment: Re:So rich guy loses court case with bank (Score 3, Insightful) 117 117

Most of those countries that condemn homosexuality aren't too hot on women's rights, people that aren't the same religion as them, or people with different colored skin or birth place living with or having the same rights as them.

Intolerant people are intolerant, what a revelation.

Comment: Re:So what's that in metric? (Score 1) 409 409

I like proper job (my local has it on a tilted firkin at the moment) but I think there are more than 15 microbreweries in London; Aspach & Hobday, Gypsy Hill, Cronx, The Kernel, Partizan, Belleville, Weird Beard, Hackney Brewery, Earls, Islington Brewhouse, One Mile End, Bexley, Redchurch, Essex Street Brewing, London Fields, Solvay Society, Southwark Brewing, Bullfinch, Brew By Numbers, Hammerton, Howling Hops, 5 points, Pressure Drop, Signature, Fourpure, Orbit Beers, Camden Town, Strawman, Tap East, East London Brewing, Brick Brewery, Meantime, Brixton, Brockley, Brodies, Beavertown, Canopy Beer Co..

Ok, I'm tired of typing, but there are about 25+ more.

Comment: Re:What's that you say? (Score 1) 528 528

It's a good investment for a society, one with billions in tax revenue. It's not such a good investment for someone whose income will be limited or possibly nil if they're unfortunate.

It's not just about return on investment, it's about how much you're starting out with, something any decent investor realizes.

"Ninety percent of baseball is half mental." -- Yogi Berra