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Comment Re:Homeopathy as euthanasia. (Score 1) 414

Diminishing returns, if a hugely expensive medicine will let someone with cancer live about 6 months longer (then die), or pay for 20 life saving operations, where the life expectancy for the patients you measure in years or decades, I am quite happy to chose the second.

It's not like insurance where the saved money goes towards buying the CEO a second yacht.

Comment Re:Homeopathy as euthanasia. (Score 2) 414

Nice that you're pointing out how the right wing gutting the NHS means that cancer patients can't get expensive, mostly pointless drugs.

Let's ignore the fact that they're just life extenders ("Kadcyla, currently prescribed to around 800 women a year, which has been shown to extend life by an average of six months"), and that the US healthcare system (insurance) probably wouldn't pay for them either.

They'd probably be better off spending the money to send these people and their family on a nice 2 week vacation, instead of extending their lives so they can feel shitty for a bit longer, and still die...

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 1) 414

The US, and other countries have had quite a bit to say (and do) about coups in countries where their interests are at stake...

Stop acting like its something only russia does, and stop acting like it's a binary issue, especially since it's 1. not a Russian invasion and 2. the west supplies plenty of "rebel" groups with arms and training in many countries..

Comment Re:Tedious Smear (Score 1) 414

The new york times is a liberal (you keep using that word...) newspaper only in the US, where everything is skewed so far to the right that the center is what most of the western world calls conservative.

BTW, if you're talking about echo chambers, don't go throwing rocks as you're likely to break a few windows.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 2) 414

So, you think there was no western influence in the decision of the Ukraine to attempt to join the EU?

As for hanging on to old territories, let's not forget that much of eastern Europe was Russian in our lifetime, I don't see western Europe renouncing a lot of territory either.

Comment Re:Those Anti-Science Liberals. (Score 2) 414

Homeopathy (or other placebos) are an excellent cure for GPs or other front line doctors to offer for cvommon viral infections like the common cold, instead of antibiotics (which many patients insist on).

I don't support homeopathy (except as a placebo), but it's a damn useful tool for first world hypochondriacs..

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