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Comment Wut? (Score 1) 114

Half the London Cabbies I've ridden with have card readers in the car, at least 90% of the ones I've gotten in Zone 1 had stickers saying they accepted them.. Cellular connected card readers aren't super high tech..

I half remember a small fee for using the card, but that's nothing new, most convenience stores charge something.

Comment Re:Venom (Score 1) 815

Your monkey brain, which is usually overruled by your conscious brain is responsible for your fear of snakes.
Your monkey brain, which is unable to understand facts and statistics, is responsible for you being afraid of people you're unlikely to ever meet.
  If we want you to stop being a racist asshole, who do we get in contact with?

Comment Re:What if it was a bomb? (Score 1) 815

A bomb, or an easily transportable clock (handles are good for that).

What the school should have done, is once they understood it was not a bomb, was to not call the police, and not act like chicken little.

What sort of litigation should there be for you posting hyperbole and being incurably stupid (I blame your Mom)?

Comment Re:Fantastic way to lose all sympathy (Score 1) 815

He was arrested, it's not anyone's fault but your own that you can't understand that being put in cuffs by the police == arrest.

Hell even a legal dictionary says you're wrong:

An arrest may occur (1) by the touching or putting hands on the arrestee; (2) by any act that indicates an intention to take the arrestee into custody and that subjects the arrestee to the actual control and will of the person making the arrest; or (3) by the consent of the person to be arrested. There is no arrest where there is no restraint, and the restraint must be under real or pretended legal authority. However, the detention of a person need not be accompanied by formal words of arrest or a station house booking to constitute an arrest.

Comment Re: This is really wierd (Score 1) 184

Saddam was maintained in power by the US and its interests. Saddam kept a lid on violence that threatened the stability of his country and his neighbors, not all violence. Saddam funded much less terrorism than the US. You're going to have to provide some numbers for that last claim, unless you're trying to claim the time periods of his power and removal are somehow equal (they are not).

Stabilizing influences, like Saddam you mean?

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