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Comment Re:Geometry (Score 1) 62

Call me crazy, but I would think a vehicle would have to be traveling at an angle greater than 45 degrees off its center-line to call its direction of travel sideways as anything less than that would be mostly forward. I especially liked how the article provided a picture suggesting 90 degree travel, despite describing 30 degrees as the maximum.

Comment dot panel patent (Score 0) 282

I propose a signaling device that creates an information interface to personal computer users by representing coded data as lighted dots on a panel that are arranged to recreate both text and multimedia images. I have just submitted this concept to the patent office, which makes it patent pending, so if you choose to use such an interface you had better pay me a royalty.

Comment Ban all distractions (Score 1) 375

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When are we as a society going to wake up and enact a ban on building those little ships in bottles while driving? I can't think a of more unsafe practice. It's high time we put a stop to this and every other specific distraction that could feasibly occur while driving. Who is with me on this!?! Call your congressman today. No building bottle ships while driving!!!

Comment Re:Price (Score 1) 210

It's really up to the marketing department what they price it for in each market, but I agree that if they price it like that, it is too much. They will likely use the UK launch as market research before they decide on a US price. IMHO it needs to be at least 20% less than the iPad or almost no one will buy it.

Food Activist's Life Becomes The Life of Brian 165

krou writes "After food activist and author Raj Patel appeared on The Colbert Report to promote his latest book, things seemed to be going well, until he began to get inundated with emails asking if he was 'the world teacher.' In events ripped straight from The Life of Brian, it would seem that Raj Patel's life story ticks all the boxes necessary to fulfill prophecies made by Benjamin Creme, founder of religious sect Share International. After the volume of emails and inquiries got worse, Patel eventually wrote a message on his website stating categorically that he was not the Messiah. Sure enough, 'his denial merely fanned the flames for some believers. In a twist ripped straight from the script of the comedy classic, they said that this disavowal, too, had been prophesied.'"

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