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Comment: Re:I don't see need for 1Gps either (Score 1) 338

by 2fuf (#46065871) Attached to: Google Fiber Launches In Provo — and Here's What It Feels Like

> syncing with services like Google Drive can be a P.I.T.A.

Well, the desktop client let's you sync as a background process (it even runs as a service so you don't need to start it up manually).
Works like a charm and is very easy to set up IMHO. It also let's you manage the file permissions in a very clear way.

What I *do* find a P.I.T.A. is manually installing and configuring Apache / FTP on my local home computer and making sure it's not going to be a security vulnerability...

Comment: Re:WTF is Glassfish? (Score 5, Interesting) 125

by 2fuf (#45376125) Attached to: Oracle Kills Commercial Support For GlassFish: Was It Inevitable?

Sounds like this is wonderful news for you guys. You both have clients that are loaded with money, and who desperately need Glassfish support for their production environment.

And now Oracle stops offering support? Dude, this is the best business opportunity you'll get in your life. Quit whatever you're doing and start offering Glassfish support yourself. If it's really that big a deal, companies will be all over you.

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