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Submission + - Results from novel investigation of prime numbers (

Marc Gaudette writes: "For Immediate Release

Novel Investigation of Prime Numbers
Leads to Many New Finds

September 25, 2007 — - Results from a novel investigation of prime numbers are now available from the website This investigation unearthed interesting new finds and insights, including:

        a method to superimpose structure upon the sieve of Eratosthenes
        two simple recursive formulae expressing this method algebraically

        infinitely many structures useful in modeling prime numbers
        a construct which generalizes these infinitely many prime structures

        remarkable patterns within primes and prime gaps
        practical uses stemming from these patterns

        singular properties of two types of symmetric sequences of positive integers
        application of these sequences and their properties in analyzing primes

        a new and unique proof of the infinitude of primes
        a new and unique proof that prime gaps are unbounded

        useful new avenues to derive properties of primes
        derivations of multiple properties of primes using these new avenues

        structures that provide insights into prime numbers even though they are essentially independent of primes

For an overview of this investigation, or for full details on the finds listed above, visit

Contact information:

Marc Gaudette
(403) 244 — 8430

# # #"


Submission + - Amazon DRM-Less Music Store goes Beta 2

LowSNR writes: Amazon this morning moved their DRM-Free music store into open beta. According to the release, "Since all our digital music downloads are DRM-free, you can play them on anything that plays mp3s including PCs, Macs(TM), iPods(TM), Zunes(TM), Zens(TM), iPhones(TM), RAZRs(TM), and BlackBerrys. Plus, our Amazon MP3 Downloader application makes it easy to add your downloads to iTunes(TM) and Windows Media Player(TM), so you can sync up your devices or burn your music to CD hassle-free." Not to mention Linux.

Submission + - Ettercap no longer maintained. (

mikeeusa2 writes: The free/opensource switched ethernet lan sniffer, Ettercap, had been confirmed abandoned by one of it's programmers:

Subject: Re: LibNet nolonger works well with ettercap, many users (All?) hit into this error due to newer libnet installations. Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 09:43:02 +0200 (CEST)
Ettercap support has been dropped 2 years ago. Sorry, but there won't be any change for this. If someone finds a solution for this by his own, we will pleased to add the patch on the website for download.

So there you have it, a fork is needed to continue this useful project.

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