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Comment: Re:Nobody grows basil in dirt anyway.... (Score 1) 116 116

The thing about food quality is that it's related not only to consistency but also to taste. In the name of efficiency, high yield and uniformity, all these industrial settings are squeezing out the taste from whatever they're producing.

Heck, the hydrophonically-grown butter lettuce I'm buying from Costco tastes like sh*t compared to something grown in real garden soil.

So no, this is not quality, unless we're talking about specialty plants, such as maryjane.


Hacking Team Hacked, Attackers Grab 400GB of Internal Data 88 88

Several readers sent word that notorious surveillance company Hacking Team has itself been hacked. Attackers made off with 400GB worth of emails, documents, and source code. The company is known for providing interception tools to government and law enforcement agencies. According to the leaked files, Hacking Team has customers in Egypt, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Mongolia, Russia, Germany, Sudan, and the United States — to name a few. It has been labeled an enemy of the internet by Reporters Without Borders. "Clients have had their passwords exposed as well, as several documents related to contracts and configurations have been circulating online." Nobody knows yet who perpetrated the hack.

Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1201 1201

Your balance sheet is very incomplete. Before the Marshall plan, there was another one, strictly aimed at Germany to destroy it for good. Its application *after* WW2 ended (i.e. during Peace Time) was spiteful and criminal. Only after the grim results of its application were becoming visible,did the Americans implement the Marshall plan (an umbrella of Europe reconstruction aid and just marginally aimed at Germany).

Oh, and I think that you're confusing millions and billions...

+ - China's Unsettling Stock Market Collapse->

schwit1 writes: The Shanghai index is firmly in bear market territory, down 28.6% since the June peak, while the tech-heavy Shenzhen Composite has fallen 33.2%.

There were also signs on Friday that the stock market turmoil is beginning to reverberate beyond China. The Australian dollar, often traded as a proxy for China growth, is down 1.2% to a six-year low of US$0.7539. The 21st Century Business Herald, a Chinese daily newspaper, on Friday quoted multiple futures traders as saying they had received phone calls from the China Financial Futures Exchange instructing them not to short the market.

China's financial titans are attempting to set up a "market stabilization fund." This doesn't sound good.

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