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+ - 12 year old schools hackers on lock picking

Submitted by 23orgFlea
23orgFlea writes: Last weekend the security convention was held in Pasadena, CA. The Gringo Warrior Challenge made it's home there for a couple of days and let a bunch of geeks and hackers try to break out of a simulated Mexican prison.

The goal was to break out in 5 steps:

1. get out of handcuffs
2. open 'cell' door
3. overpower guard
4. break into filing cabinet to retrieve passport
5. break out of prison

For each choice except numbers 1 and 3 there was an easy, medium and hard choice. Locks had difficulty modifiers and it was a timed event.

Every single guy there, many who own their own handcuffs and practice all the time, were schooled by a 12 year old girl named Ella. Sadly I don't have her best run on video, which was 1m42s. This is her slow run, at about 5m

Btw, Ella chose all hard locks in her runs.

Comment: Very good phone phreak lore.. (Score 1) 431

by 23orgFlea (#22607774) Attached to: Teen Phone Phreak Targeted by the FBI
Back in 1971, Esquire magazine published an article called, "Secrets of the Little Blue Box." It's a bit lengthy but it's a very good text on this culture. Because the 'underground' (for lack of a better name) is now a very solidly rooted subculture, I think it's important for people to learn where the people before them came from. Read this!!

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