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Wars seldom end through peaceful negotiations. They end because one side completely and utterly destroys the other.

Well, no. A war most often ends in a negotiated truce. Otherwise most still-existing nations would have no lost ones in their history.

Then again, I can see you're working through some personal issues here, so I guess facts are of little importance. But perhaps you could choose some topic where you won't cause actual damage by venting?

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by Carewolf (#47941615) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police

a foundational principle for justice in the US is that it's better for ten guilty men to go free than one innocent man to go to prison. Another principle is it's legal for a man to protect himself and his family. it's not really a grey area. America, love it or leave it.

Why bring the US into it? That is the founding principles of justice and used everywhere which is why the US copied the idea.

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by Carewolf (#47941567) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police

Law enforcement began as [any given region's] largest street gang, long before recorded history.

You mean that that was in the brief period where it was a relatively popular idea to make law enforcement something better than that

Bullshit. Don't make up your own history. Police is a modern invension, and guards that came before them were often privately hired or worked for a city which is usually run as some sort of republic. Even if you include the state, and the army, many nations started by democratically electing their kings (Most of north-west europe for one).

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by tibit (#47940889) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police

This assumes that there are no sidechannel attacks against this storage, and that it's protected against power fluctuations. IOW: A very professional professional with a $1E6+ budget would probably be able to do something more with it than just stare at it with dismay :)

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That's only true given an assumption of there being no JTAG chain on an iPhone - I seriously doubt that. This gives you debug access to all the chips, and all you need to do is to pull the case apart and cradle the phone in a very modest bed of nails. This is sufficient to dump the flash, but not encryption keys. Unless there's a backdoor in the chip that carries the key - one can't be sure without reverse-engineering the relevant chip.

For all I know, Apple could have sneaked in JTAG access even through the lightning interface, so an encrypted dump of the flash could be done using a specialized JTAG-over-lightning bridge, without opening the phone.

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by tibit (#47940719) Attached to: Study Finds Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Intolerance

I think that such adaptations go even on a much shorter timescale. I don't eat between breakfast and dinner, and it used to be that I had a sugar low around 1-2pm. Right now it's the opposite: if I eat anything during the work hours, I get sleepy because there's an insulin low that starts after noon or so. And I did actually sample the insulin levels at hourly intervals for a month to make sure I'm not imagining things. These days, going out for an occasional lunch with coworkers is a surefire way to waste the rest of the day, falling asleep at the keyboard.

The best day for me is to get a bit of lactose from coffee with milk in the morning, not have anything else to eat, drink water, and then have a nice dinner. If I'm planning to do any work at night, the dinner must be under 1200 kcal.

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by tibit (#47940675) Attached to: Study Finds Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Intolerance

And that's why, in 2000 years or so, the evolutionary processes will likely fix it. Of course we'll be all in a big doodoo if, for whatever reason, we'd be faced with going back to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle - not only due to population crash, but also due to a then-maladaptation to circumstances that wouldn't exist anymore.

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by ultranova (#47939879) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100

That assumes that all those environments are pointless wastes of space, unfortunately that premise isn't true- those areas of land serve important purpose for example the sands of the Sahara blow across the Atlantic and fertilise the likes of the Amazon rainforest.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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If you work someplace that bad, get a new fucking job.

Every place is the same. They're made of people socialized into the same values, after all.

It's not like actual Stalinism, you don't go to the Gulag for trying to leave.

Of course not. You simply lose your mortgage and get thrown to the street. That's entirely different.

That's one (of many) good thing about capitalism, corporations aren't alone you can vote with your feet.

You can vote with your feet, but the candidates are pre-selected by the system, thus they all support its values - just like under communism.

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by ultranova (#47939151) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

Simple, trident missiles guarantee your enemies destruction. What you say? Scotland doesn't have enemies? Take away those missiles and we'll see about that.

The problem is, your enemy sees your Tridents and gets some of their own to ensure their safety, and then we all get to wonder how long till someon sneezes.

People remember Cuban crisis as the closest we ever came to nuclear war, but the fact is, close calls are a common occurrence. Radars malfunction, phone lines go dead, and people push the wrong buttons. Our luck will run out eventually; we either build sufficient international systems that nations can afford to de-escalate their armies to non-nuclear status, or we'll die. And bullshit like yours is advancing the latter option.

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It not even hurt to brand them as crazy and to lock them up in an asylum for the criminally insane.

Like we don't do to common criminals? Gee, you must be thinking of them as something else then, such as a legitimate if hostile power.

That would allow the state to medicate them and in some ways, to make an example out of them.

An example that the Islamic State can point to and say: "See, even our enemies agree that we're not just another gang and are afraid of us!"

Martyrdom? Nope, straight-jacketed and drugged and forced to talk about your feelings. No rewards of heaven for you.

"Our brave fighters are willing to face not only death but humiliation and torture before it! Truly, they shall be blessed and rewarded in Heaven!"

Seriously, stop helping the Islamic State. Stop supporting their story. Every time you suggest a "clever" punishment for them you're supporting their claim of being a Caliphate rather than a criminal gang, thus bringing them closer to victory.

You win a war like this by deciding on what view of reality you want to be commonly accepted, then behaving consistently as if it was. By doing this you're constantly telling a story to everyone you interact with, some of whom will accept it and start repeating it in turn. As the number of converts increases, it eventually reaches the tipping point and becomes the new "default" consensus reality, sweeping even those who originally rejected it in. That's what classic nation-building is about: storytelling. Islamic State is trying to short-circuit the process by baiting foreign powers into lashing out against them, effectively recruiting their enemies to testify for them. Such impatience is a serious weakness, since those foreign powers can as well deny the story. However, given how clumsily Al-Qaeda was handled, they probably thought the risk was worth it.

You know, this kind of basic mechanism should really be covered in elementary education. All our technological and economic might won't help us any more than their muscles and armor helped the dinosaurs if our situational awareness continues being that of a brain the size of a peanut.

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