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Comment: Re:Can I be on Slashdot... (Score 1) 109

by 2.7182 (#43178783) Attached to: Take Hands-Free 360 Degree Panoramic Photos With an iPhone (Video)
It's definitely interesting. These guys wrote some code to do something with the phone that is not what the phone was designed to do and is unexpected. And it is cool that they do it with just what was in the phone. But I did watch a 7 minute video hoping to see the thing do its trick and ended up having to watch it on the website of the company.

Comment: Re:Curiosity cost $2B USD (Score 1) 71

by 2.7182 (#42471435) Attached to: Rare Water-Rich Mars Meteorite Discovered
But we could have given it to condensed matter physics research, which gets way less than NASA, or other branches of physics, such as particle physics, yet has numerous applications, while still contributing to our fundamental understanding of the world, through applications of quantum field theory and statistical mechanics.

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