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Journal: LTD pushes Z machine forward in the fusion race 220

Journal by 1ione1
Sandia Labs has announced, and Energy Daily is reporting encouraging results by adding Russian-developed Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) technology to their Z Machine to solve one of the biggest obstacles to practical fusion reactors. Getting the current needed to "spark" a burst of fusion is do-able. Getting a constant series of "sparks" going to create a continuous chain of fusion bursts has never been achieved. The LTD makes it suddenly look achievable.
Utilities (Apple)

Journal: .mac syncing ... sunk?

Journal by 1ione1

Over two full days, and Apple's .mac online synchronization is still down. Calendars, contacts, keychains and ... bookmarks are all growing more out-of-sync by the hour, no word from Apple of what the problem is or an ETA for getting it fixed, and the natives are becoming restless:

When it finally comes back, Apple's sync conflict detection and resolution is going to be put to one massive test!

User Journal

Journal: Who's Who in IBM's "Prodigy" Ad Campaign for Linux/OSS

Journal by 1ione1
IBM's web site for their "Prodigy" ad campaign for Linux/OSS includes a copy of the transcript of the television commercial. From the transcript, you'll see they've got a great bunch of cameos. Here's a who's who of the people named in the transcript. Let me know if you can identify the people behind other characters, and whether they're real or actors.

Coach Wooden: A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player. Losing yourself in the group, for the good of the group, that's teamwork.

That is John R. Wooden, legendary coach emeritus of UCLA's college basketball program.

Mr. Gates: Collecting data is only the first step toward wisdom. But sharing data is the first step toward community.

The man delivering the line to the boy in the commercial is humanities Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The opening quote of his bio page is:

I've always thought of myself as both a literary historian and a literary critic, someone who loves archives and someone who is dedicated to resurrecting texts that have dropped out of sight."

I find that sentiment especially appropriate for the Open Source Software movement. As software maintainers get burned out or lose interest, others who value the work are able to pick it up and carry it forward.

Ms. Nasar: One little thing can solve an incredibly complex problem.

That is the economist and author of "A Beautiful Mind", Sylvia Naser.

Ms. Marshall:Everything's about timing kid.

That is the comic genius Penny Marshall.

And finally,

Ali:Speak your mind. Don't back down.

Muhammad Ali, the legend himself.

I predict this ad will win many awards.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side. - Han Solo