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Comment Re: What the hell is wrong with Millennials?! (Score 1) 465

Socrates said this same stuff about the next generation thousands of years ago,before any modern advancement etc. ancient things get ruined,thats why they are called ruins. the smart people will make things better enough that it mostly negates the idiots.when it doesn't work anymore finally,well thats when we go to mars and try again.

Comment Nonsense is inescapable (Score 1) 380

It's one thing if your dimwitted construction boss makes you use 4x4's when 2x4's will do, but this is the space shuttle, you'd think they could source someone who can do the following:
1. listen to an engineer when they are telling you its gonna blow up
2. realize you dont want it to blow up
3. take the stand necessary to make sure it doesnt blow up

Whenever i try to watch a launch live, they cancel it from like slight wind or a bird within 5 miles, I don't understand why they HAD to launch that day with such a big objection. Note: I saw the challenger live... i won't ever forget that.

Comment Re:LIAR (Score 1) 326

prior art - "Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web together with Robert Cailliau, built the first working prototype in late 1990 and early 1991. That first prototype consisted of a web browser for the NeXTStep operating system. This first web browser, which was named "WorldWideWeb," had a graphical user interface and would be recognizable to most people today as a web browser. However, WorldWideWeb did not support graphics embedded in pages when it was first released. "
I believe that's called checkmate!

Comment true (Score 1) 281

Mp3's and other digital media actually do exist in the form of 0's and 1's that are present in some sort of electrical charge or optical divot. rabbits are easy to duplicate and you can sell those, so the ease of duplication does not preclude something which exists from being sellable.

Comment Re:bad summary (Score 1) 2

This is almost all realtime animation via the one mainframe on campus, Chuck mentioned that what looks like a light pen may be a 3d static pen interface that Chuck and the other PhD's working on the grant had to develop because no such thing existed before that. All the art shown is "wireframe" vector art, they simulated the fill effect with lots of lines close together.

Submission + - The Zero of 3D Computer Animation ( 2

192939495969798999 writes: "In 1969, an artist named Charles Csuri became the first artist to receive a National Science Foundation grant. The grant was for development of a new field called "3d computer animation". This newly released video documentation shows what is arguably the very first time anyone produced 3d computer animation, complete with a present-day voiceover. Chuck is still active and producing painterly computer artwork and powerful animations, and his students have gone on to become captains of industry at Pixar and other famous animation houses."

Fish Evolve Immunity To Toxic Sludge 267

RedEaredSlider writes "Fish in the Hudson River and the harbor in New Bedford, Mass., have evolved resistance to PCBs. In the Hudson, a species of tomcod has evolved a way for a very specific protein to simply not bind to PCBs, nearly eliminating the toxicity. In New Bedford, the Atlantic killifish has proteins that bind to the toxin (just as they do in mammals) but the fish aren't affected despite high levels of PCBs in their cells. Why the killifish survive is a mystery."

Modern Humans Bred With Evolutionary Predecessors In Africa 160

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "Based on a new analysis of old skulls, it now appears that modern humans may have interbred with some earlier hominid species, suggesting that human evolution took a more complex path than previously thought. The study opines that modern humans lived side by side with the older species. Paleontologists disagree over the meaning of the findings, or whether they have any substantial significance at all."

Comment Solved with dogs (Score 4, Insightful) 394

How much of this security theater can be solved with a bomb-sniffing dog? Instead of checking each new thing for a bomb and still not being able to find them, a dog can just smell the explosive wherever it happens to be hidden. But no, we don't want to do that, that's too obvious, cheap, and easy. We'd much rather have a 1000x more expensive, incomplete and cumbersome solution.

Comment Why? Coverage (Score 1) 205

3g is wireless, and wireless varies on cost depending on coverage. A 5mb connection with nearly seamless nationwide coverage can't cost the same to maintain as a 5mb connection that has spotty intermittent coverage, and that cost has to be passed on. What you suggest is that a speed limited rolls royce should cost the same as a same-speed limited honda civic.

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