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Comment: Wonderful, thanks Google... (Score 1) 109

by 19061969 (#43749121) Attached to: Google Betting Its Google+ Systems Know What's Best For You

So when I'm looking at photos of a loved ones' visit to the Taj Mahal, Google says that they're going to push *lots* of other people's photos of the Taj Mahal at me.

Because I really want to look at the Taj Mahal. Endlessly.

No you dipshits! I want to look at my loved ones enjoying their holiday! I don't give a flying f*** through a rolling donut about the holiday snaps of strangers, no matter how good, how artsy, how quirky, or how many there are with vaguely amusing pictures of sodding cats!

Bet all you want Google.

Comment: Re:Sounds handled fairly well (Score 1) 223

by 19061969 (#43607481) Attached to: E-Sports League Stuffed Bitcoin Mining Code Inside Client Software

That doesn't change the company's guilt one iota because it was a post-hoc ("after this") act.

What the company's post-act actions do is allows a more lenient sentencing so that the judge can let them off with a slapped wrist for being naughty boys or imposing a lighter fine.

Comment: Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 133

by 19061969 (#42645457) Attached to: Intel To Help Stephen Hawking Communicate Faster

Hawking is fairly conservative with his tech. As another post said, working is the primary requirement, even if slow. Remember, a FUBARd system is no use no matter how cool or fast it worked in the lab.

Besides, Hawking has a nice media career going for himself: (yes, it really Hawking help sell financial products!).

Comment: Re:Disingenious (Score 2) 162

by 19061969 (#42627063) Attached to: Mathematicians Aim To Take Publishers Out of Publishing

I have!

Seriously. I reviewed an article for the British Medical Journal some years back (some time between 2005 and 2008), and I got paid either £20 or £50 for it. I think it was an experiment they tried for a short time before dropping the idea.

It's the only time I've ever been paid for reviewing papers; and the only journal I've ever heard of doing it.

+ - Boeing Dreamliner catches fire in Boston->

Submitted by 19061969
19061969 writes: The BBC reports that a Boeing 787 Dreamliner caught fire in Boston. Carter Leake, an analyst at BB&T Capital Markets in Virginia, said, "I don't want to be an alarmist, but onboard fires on airplanes are as bad as it gets." This represents bad news for Boeing especially after the FAA identified errors in the assembly of fuel line couplings in the Dreamliner.
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