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Comment: Re:Something new (Score 2) 89

Really? Rich guys would enlist others to donate blood in their names.

During the Civil War the Confederates instituted the draft and conscripted their citizens. The rich people paid 300$ to make someone else (usually people who had already served their draft) enlist on their behalf. I think there was one case of one enterprising Southerner who enlisted several dozen times (and then deserting at the first opportunity).

Comment: Hospital networks are very vulnerable. (Score 5, Interesting) 77

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48020647) Attached to: Medical Records Worth More To Hackers Than Credit Cards
I have sat in many consulting rooms and examination rooms in the hospitals, with a lone pizza box computer with WindowsNT or Windows64 screen saver. All alone, the computer, its ports all freely available for me to plug anything I wanted, even spare RJ-45 ethernet ports next to it for me to plug in anything I wanted. It would be trivially simple to plug in an USB keylogger dongle to the back USB port.

Wondering if all the hospital networks are already compromised beyond repair. If the doctors use same passwords for their hospital account as well as their personal account, they too would be very vulnerable. Some of the doctors I know are surgeons who would wield a scalpel with great confidence and would think it is routine to make a 20 cm long incision across the stomach. But are scared of the stupid computer and were mortally afraid of changing the password, or the default screen saver.

Comment: Initial estimates are always over blown (Score 5, Informative) 199

Even the shale gas estimates and the Canadian tar sands estimate etc are being revised downwards. They drill a few test wells, and interpolate and "guestimate" what lies in between. Let us see how this estimate holds up once the investment needed to further develop them are all reeled in and the time pay dividends come up.

Comment: You can do it with mirrors too! (Score 2) 59

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48011337) Attached to: Researchers Develop Purely Optical Cloaking
I have seen a device that uses just mirrors and this obscuring. Many a times I am stuck behind a mob of people and did not have a clear view of the action going on the other size. Then they invented this miracle device that cloaks all the people in the middle and I could the other side unimpeded. It is typically made of cardboard and a couple of mirrors with decorated with color paper. Hurray for cloaking. Great!

Comment: Amazing amount of cloaking! (Score 1) 59

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48011197) Attached to: Researchers Develop Purely Optical Cloaking
The professor is just too modest, calling it small amount of cloaking. In fact it is infinite amount of cloaking. Seriously! On the focal plane of the eye-piece there is a small region, what we would call the "aperture". EVERYTHING ELSE on the focal plane is obscured!!. Not only that your regular camera has been using it all along! In your SLR camera, there are mechanisms that control the aperture, making it bigger or smaller. There are motors and gears in the compound zoom lens. You might even have your fingers wrapped around the cylinder of the zoom lens. It is all cloaked from the image sensor! What a technology! The good professor should sue all the zoom lens manufacturers for pre-stealing his invention before he invented it.

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by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47983793) Attached to: South Australia Hits 33% Renewal Energy Target 6 Years Early
If the renewables meet 100% of the peak load, it would be very disruptive to the utility companies. They generate base load over the whole day and they buy/sell electricity in the wholesale market to meet the peak load. They have more expensive gas turbine generators to handle peak load. If the renewables are able to meet 100% of the deficit between peak demand and base capacity, the wholesale price would drop to zero. It has already happened in Australia. The utilities will respond by reducing the base generation capacity. But their pricing power will be gone. Utilities make significant portion of the profit in the peak demand markets. If that lucrative market is gone, their profitability will be seriously eroded.

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by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47983245) Attached to: Octopus-Inspired Robot Matches Real Octopus For Speed
Nuclear submarines do not manage 10 times body length per second speed. But they do it in a sustained manner. If you average the speed of the octopi over the time it takes to recharge its head, you would find it is not doing so well either.

10 times body length per second is impressive on its own for under water bodies. I suspect the reason is the shrinking of the head as water is ejected out of the nozzle as it moves. In underwater craft, the vehicle has to displace the fluid around it, make room for itself and then occupy that space as it moves forward. Water is incompressible for all practical purposes. Water is a very heavy fluid, 1000 times the density of air ( 1 Kg/m^3 for air, 1000 Kg/m^3 for water). It takes lots of power to set that much of water in motion to move it out of the way. But octopi have an unusual mode of propulsion, its head will fill with water slowly and then when it moves its head is shrinking, it does not have to move that much water out of the way as it moves forward. That probably accounts for the relative speed.

Again, it is impressive for an octopi with tiny brains capable of just predicting football match winners. They could not have solved the Navier-Stokes equations and figured this out.

Comment: Nvidia sold out. (Score 1) 275

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47967751) Attached to: Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light
That is what the conspiracy buffs would say. So would you, if your meal ticket is selling conspiracy theories to credulous folks. They are not bound by rhyme nor logic, and they don't even care all the conspiracy theories are mutually exclusive and self contradicting. To think some argument about global light source is going to sway them is ridiculous.

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