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Comment: Fighting forest fires should be stopped. (Score 1) 110

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47932395) Attached to: A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires
We have been putting out forest fires for so long, there is so much of fuel accumulated in the brush. It is extremely expensive to fly in water to fight these fires.

It is high time the Government declares regions of the country where people live at their own risk. Why should the general tax payer at large should bear the burden of saving the tails of all these people who insist on living areas unfit for human occupation. You want to live there, create your own underground fire proof chambers, may build a few public underground fire shelters scattered around these parts. After that no more fighting wild fires. Same thing goes with flood prone areas.

Just like in tornadoes, government will provide warnings, predictions and rescue/recovery afterwards. There is no onus on us to protect their property.

Comment: The real action will be elsewhere. (Score 1) 386

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47930227) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?
If the gigafactory pans out and the battery price actually falls low enough to support mid-luxury sedan (BMW 3 class, Lexus 3xx) at 35K, the real action will be elsewhere. All his patents have been made public domain, gigafactory proves the ability to make battery cost that low. There will be shortage of investors for more giga factories. Nissan Leaf would go from 25K to 18K. That is the price point where that segment becomes a very very serious threat to gas car market. Till we hit Peak Lithium of course.

Comment: The DC-10 was killed by poor management. (Score 3, Informative) 110

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47925711) Attached to: A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires
Fundamental problem with DC-10 was the poor management. They made a stupid decision to make the cargo door open outward. Designed a complex locking arrangment using pins to be done by the cargo handlers. If not properly locked, the door flies off. The passenger door floor buckled when that happened. Very first time it happened the engineering team gave a very clean way to fix the issue. Pressure relief holes between passenger and cargo compartment, better locking pins.

But the management persuaded FAA not to issue a "must fix it" notice to avoid bad publicity. Gentleman's agreement between McDonnel-Douglas chief and chief of FAA. Never followed through. Happened again, law suits followed, all the dirty laundry got aired and they never recovered from that.

Added to that the airlines were using some home grown procedure to dismount and remount engines. Recommended process called for removing some 198 bolts. Airliners detached three loading pins on the pylon. In the process damaged the pylon. They had the engine on a fork lift truck while someone shouted directions trying to slide in the loading pin. The mistake was by the airlines. DC-10 paid the price for it. It got a reputation for being a badly designed unsafe aircraft. Only third world airlines like Biman Bangladesh would even touch them.

Good plane, killed by the same stupid management that killed US Auto industry too. At least in the case of US auto they were actively aided and abetted by the unions. But McDonnel-Douglas was just self inflicted wounds. The third player Lockheed (L-1011 tristar) survived on military cargo plane contracts.

Comment: Re:I am shocked! (Score 1) 140

So every one of them would know how to calculate the left limit and right limit as x approaches zero for the function y = sin(3x)/x. But would still treat their computing devices as black boxes, learn enough to map to know what to do make it do something, but would not have a fundamental grasp of why the computer does what it does.

Comment: It is a solvent for hydrogen. (Score 1) 113

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47892859) Attached to: Liquid Sponges Extract Hydrogen From Water
According to the article the biggest potential is as energy storage solution. (both meanings of the word solution).

To free hydrogen from water, you need energy, not low quality energy like heat but high quality energy in the form of electricity. So there is no special advantage there. You still go through hydrolysis. But instead of releasing hydrogen as a gas, you dissolve it in this oxide solvent. The liquid can be stored at room temp and pressure without the danger of leaks, fire or explosion. When you want hydrogen, you pour it over catalysts and the gas is released. So it can serve as energy storage medium. Since the efficiency of { electricity --> hydrogen --> electricity } is much higher than { renewable energy --> molten salt --> heat --> electricity } it could be useful.

I am sure some click baiting writer jazzed up the headline with a totally irrelevant comparison 30 times faster. The catalyst releases hydrogen from the solution 30 times faster than electrolysis. But it is electrolysis that produces the solution in the first place.

You need an energy source. You need electricity. It is, at best, a good energy storage solution. Modest improvement. Nothing to sneeze at, most advances come by small increments. But still ...

Comment: MEH, not impressed. call me back when ... (Score 1) 159

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#47866735) Attached to: 3 Short Walking Breaks Can Reverse Harm From 3 Hours of Sitting
Three short walking breaks from hours of watching TV from the couch? Too much. Cant be done.Let me know if I summon enough will power to take three short 5 minute breaks from hours of eating junk food while watching TV, will it count? Hey! Got a bright idea. Should patent it. How about combining the bathroom breaks from TV watching to get both the walking break and the snacking break? All I have to do is to remember to leave the beer by the laz-e-boy.

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