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Comment: Re:Typical government waste and inefficiency. (Score 1) 115

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48206915) Attached to: Software Glitch Caused 911 Outage For 11 Million People
I don't blame you, politicians, especially the Republicans have gone so far out, it is nearly impossible to parody them by exaggerating anything they say or do. No wonder Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are reduce playing back their footage unmodified and make faces.

Comment: Typical government waste and inefficiency. (Score 1) 115

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48204061) Attached to: Software Glitch Caused 911 Outage For 11 Million People
11 million people, 24/7/365 etc works out to 96.360 billion citizen-hours per year. Assuming these 40 million calls all happened this year and each call took place one full hour each, it works out to a load factor of 0.04%. In other words citizens are NOT calling 911, 99.96% of their time. Since most 911 calls do not last an hour the load factor is even lower than that. This is how over built and inefficient government services are.

If a private railroad owns rolling stock that would occupy, say 10 miles of track, but actually owns 2000 miles of track, it is no skin off your nose. Your taxes are not funding it. But if the government is running that railroad, we should restrict the total track length owned by the government to the actual track required by those rail cars and not an inch more.

That is how we reduce the size of the government, reduce deficits and reduce taxes. When will America see the logic here?

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Then you need to solve the free loader problem. Businesses can join together, chip in money to promote tourism to their region for example. But the free loaders who refuse to chip will still get to enjoy the benefits. Only on projects where the benefit can not be gained by people who did not participate in the investment you could use this funding model.

Constitution has given the government the power to tax the population for any reason, without even specifying a reason. As long as the total benefit, direct and indirect, due to governement, due to its mere existence, its action and inaction, matches the total taxes paid by a reasonably large cross section of the population, shut up and pay your taxes. And thank the government for existing.

Comment: But the speed camera folks are laughing .... (Score 4, Informative) 397

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... laughing all the way to the bank. All these companies that contract with municipalities add very careful clauses into their contract. Whether it is the incompetence of the city managers/lawyers/politicians or whether they are actively colluding with the companies is a matter of debate. But the side clauses will make people's blood boil when they come to know of them.

Most likely the camera companies have minimum guarantee payments, will not let changes to traffic lights and timings that would reduce both accidents and fines etc. There was the fiasco with parking spaces, that makes it impossible for Chicago to create more parking spaces without paying the private company for their "loss of revenue". The private bridge owner of the bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Canada is suing to block the building of any new bridge. When turnpike operations are sold to such private companies, they have clauses preventing the improvement of alternative roads owned by the state or city that would divert traffic away from the turnpike.

The great American rip-off is the private companies taking over tax funded infrastructure and then preventing improvements to alternatives, and extracting rent. I think the only way to stop them is to sue such companies for criminal conduct and bad faith and have the original contract declared null and void. Two bit politicians coming into office for a single two year term should not be able to burden all the citizens for eternity to such contracts.

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It was called Timex DataLink. Released around 1995 or so. You set up the calender, contacts etc in the PC and click on "send to watch" menu item. The CRT monitor will flash horizontal bars. You just hold the watch up in front of the monitor to receive the data.

It sort of worked. But it was too much of a pain but it worked when I tried. Eventually I stopped updating the data and carried around long obsolete phone numbers, addresses etc for a long time. It had super good battery life. Lasted 12 years or so. Then I went back to a simple Casio GShock.

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I am not very sure about that. Wiki says .303 Enfield is being phased out. May be being replaced by a 7.62 mm caliber weapon. It could be a NATO weapon, India buys from both NATO and Warsaw pact. Does crazy things like adding magic-matra missiles (NATO) on to MIG-21 or MIG-23. How they got the missiles' target acquisition radar with Russian cockpit displays and the target selection pointer I have no idea.

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They are very common in India, and I assume in all of British Commonwealth. Local police have them but usually do not carry them around regularly. A typical police station would have about six of them very visible but locked by a strip of metal. All the police station scenes in Bollywood movies would have them. The National Cadet Corps, a high school student training program, would culminate with the training to use these rifles. We get to fire at most 10 rounds as the right of passage to get the "C" certificate if I remember right.

To imagine the same weapon used so heavily in the tropics, mud and monsoon being noted for its reliability in Arctic conditions is amazing. But this is a very simple basic weapon. Even India is phasing them out, apparently.

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Look at the supported phones of 2014 X3. Phones supported in AT&T not supported in T-mobile! What the hell? Why would the carrier make a difference to blue tooth? Google Nexus not supported. Google Nexus is supposed to be the reference implementation of Android. It probably tests only iPhone. Have you tried feeding it home made mp3 files?

Comment: Luxury auto makers suck in electronics. (Score 4, Interesting) 158

The auto makers are mostly work with very long life cycles. Vehicles typically get used for 10 to 15 years, especially for well built luxury vehicles. Model life cycles are long too. They are not used to the fast changing world of electronics and entertainment systems. My friend driving Mercedes hates its navigation system. He often uses google maps on his iphone. My BMW balks at playing old mp3 file created by ripping CDs in WinAmp back in 2000. Every other music player and computer will play those files, BMW alone will keep crashing its music file system and resetting itself. BMW's support of bluetooth is abysmal. My 2006 Prius links without any issue any cell phone via blue tooth. Have you seen how small BMW's approved list of cell phones is? The damned thing would not even support Nexus4 or Nexus5. And if I pair it with an "unapproved" model, somehow it forgets the supported models too. Theoretically it can maintain connections to four phones simultaneously and auto switch on incoming calls. But in practice it is extremely poorly done.

Why wouldn't they just provide a simple docking station, allow the docked device access to the car speakers and stay away from building their own navigation and music players? They still think they can hold their customers up for ransom by demanding 1800$ for an integrated navigation system or 1200$ for the music player. No, just put in good speakers and allow us to bring our own devices into the car.

The lack of imagination of the auto makers is astounding. WiFi is what 15 years old? iPod is 10 years old? Why didn't they build a car with WiFi that will connect to your home, down load daily news, weather, traffic reports into the hard disk 10 years ago? After missing the boat then, now they are coming up with walled gardens of WiFi, memory storage in the car etc.

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I did not know I have a microbial lab on top of my refrigerator! I kept throwing out old boxes of cheerios!

Cheerios are very good baby sitters too. Empty a small portion of them in the tray of the high chair and the infants will have hours of fun picking them one at time and inspecting them individually and find their mouth with their tiny hands by trial and error.

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